28-02-2023 13:30
EPRS online Book Talk: The European Union and its citizens

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Cover of the book by Lisa Dellmuth
'Is Europe Good for You? EU Spending and Well-Being’ by Lisa DELLMUTH © Bristol University

Full title: The European Union and its citizens: EU funding, social investment and human well-being

15 months before the European elections, Professor Lisa Dellmuth will present her book ‘Is Europe Good for You? EU Spending and Well-Being’. She will discuss her findings and their links to today’s debate about equality and citizen well-being in the EU with Professor Martijn Burger. .

Their discussion will focus on the impact of EU social investments on human well-being, as well as on the past performance and future opportunities of EU regional funding and on the meaning and relevance of objective and subjective well-being for EU policies.