29-11-2022 10:30
EPRS policy roundtable: Fiscal and monetary policy - two sides of the same coin?

Policy Roundtables and Book Talks EPRS
Library Reading Room, 5D, Spinelli building, European Parliament, Brussels
EPRS online event on 15 November
EPRS EU History roundtable on 15 November © AdobeStock_136445927

This roundtable is one of a series of EPRS events on the anniversary of the euro. The panel of experts will discuss fiscal and monetary policy interaction, how it has worked during previous crises and what is needed now to achieve complementary, as opposed to contradictory, fiscal and monetary policies.

Registration is mandatory only if you have no accreditation (EU security badge) to access the Spinelli building.

[Context] The Covid-19 pandemic marked a watershed for the journey of European integration. With the introduction of new European fiscal instruments (Next Generation EU) and extraordinary monetary measures economic and monetary union evolved from applying mostly preventive measures to managing major shocks. More recently, the European Commission has put forward a proposal to change the rules of the fiscal framework. Can this paradigm-shifting momentum be used to build a more resilient, autonomous, efficient and growth-enhancing form of economic governance, underpinned by new 'own resources' and a strong euro?