21-03-2023 14:00
EPRS annual lecture: What only a speech can do [...]

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EPRS Annual Lecture
EPRS Annual Lecture 2023 © European Parliament EP/PE

[...] Why we still participate in this ancient ritual and why it’s essential to democratic discourse

If you have an EU Institutions security badge or an accreditation to the EP, you can attend the event in the library. If you don't or if you prefer you can attend the event live on Webex (see the link below)

From the Gutenberg Press to YouTube, technology has rendered the old-fashioned speech more meaningful than it has ever been, argues David Murray, founder and executive director of the Professional Speechwriters Association. Speeches - before a Parliament, supporters, members of staff, etc. - have a unique ability to connect audiences, not just to the speaker on the stage, but to one another - intellectually, emotionally, even spiritually. Through a series of historic and contemporary speech experts, Murray will demonstrate the power of the modern speech and show by example, how to make a speech that transforms an audience into a coherent community.