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Posted on 14-06-2024

People from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds face discrimination and its consequences on a daily basis. However, the exact scale of the problem is hard to gauge, owing to a lack of data and general under reporting of racist incidents. Although the European Union (EU) has been introducing legislation to combat racial and xenophobic discrimination since 2000, the problem persists. The global Black Lives Matter protests highlighted the need for new measures, while the COVID 19 pandemic saw a major ...

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals and climate targets in the face of rising debt levels requires financial resources which the current Global Financial Architecture (GFA) is failing to meet. In this context, calls for reforming the GFA have taken both front and centre stage. These calls are not just for raising more finance, but for making the GFA more equitable, just and responsive to crises by addressing longstanding limitations affecting most countries worldwide. This analysis uses desktop ...

The European Union-United States Trade and Technology Council (TTC), which has been meeting twice a year since 2021, seeks to revitalise transatlantic cooperation, boost bilateral trade and investment, and strengthen the parties' technological and industrial leadership while preserving shared values. The bi-annual ministerial meetings steer cooperation within the TTC and guide its work in areas such as technology standards, secure supply chains, tech regulation, global trade challenges, climate and ...

Members of the European Parliament may form political groups; these are organised by political affiliation, not by nationality. Since the first direct elections in 1979, the number of political groups has fluctuated between seven and ten. Following the 2024 elections, the number, size and composition of political groups is likely to continue to fluctuate, with the possible dissolution of some political groups and the creation of new ones. A minimum of 23 Members, elected in at least one quarter ( ...

EU aquaculture: State of play

Briefing 14-06-2024

Aquaculture is an important sector of the EU's blue economy and has the potential to play a more vital role as a sustainable food supplier under the European Green Deal. However, while fish farming is one of the fastest growing food production sectors in the world, the EU, with its 1.1 million tonnes of farmed fish produced in 2022, accounts for less than 1 % of global production. For comparison, Norway's aquaculture output in the same year alone exceeded that of the EU as a whole. The EU's self-sufficiency ...

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