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EU cyber-resilience act

Briefing 28-11-2023

New technologies come with new risks, and the impact of cyber-attacks through digital products has increased dramatically in recent years. Consumers are increasingly falling victim to security flaws linked to digital products such as baby monitors, robo-vacuum cleaners, Wi-Fi routers and alarm systems. For businesses, the importance of ensuring that digital products in the supply chain are secure has become pivotal, considering three in five vendors have already lost money owing to product security ...

Cyber solidarity act

Briefing 27-11-2023

Russia's war against Ukraine has revealed the extent of our dependency on digital technology and the fragility of the digital space. It has triggered a surge in cyberattacks that have been particularly disruptive when targeting critical infrastructure – such as energy, health or finance – because of the increasing reliance on information technology, rendering this infrastructure all the more vulnerable. Against this backdrop, the Commission has proposed a regulation on a cyber solidarity act that ...

Online piracy of live events

At a Glance 28-06-2023

Champions' League finals, the Olympic Games, World Cup football matches – millions of people worldwide watch them live. The nature of live events makes their economic value diminish after the event, when the result is known and the public loses interest, but real-time blocking of illegal broadcasting is challenging. However, together with the removal of illegal content, it appears to be a meaningful tool to limit damage for rights holders.

EU support for the implementation of Slovenia's National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) amounts to €2 482.3 million, and includes €1 776.9 million in grants and €705.4 million in loans. This amount should be committed by the end of 2023, and paid out to Slovenia by the end of 2026. While the overall allocation represents only 0.3 % of the total Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), it stood at 5.1 % of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019 (the RRF being 5.2 % of EU-27 GDP in ...

Digital rights and principles

At a Glance 12-01-2023

As digital tools and services are now integral to daily life, the protection of human rights in the digital context has become a top priority, and international organisations are stepping-up their efforts to that end. One EU contribution has been the adoption of the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles.

One of the most talked about concepts in modern technology, the metaverse can be described as an immersive and constant virtual 3D world where people interact by means of an avatar to carry out a wide range of activities. Such activities can range from leisure and gaming to professional and commercial interactions, financial transactions or even health interventions such as surgery. While the exact scope and impact of the metaverse on society and on the economy is still unknown, it can already be ...

Digital transformation concerns us all, in every aspect of our lives, from learning, working, communicating, doing business, to interacting with administrations, shopping and enjoying culture. The online environment has become very often our first and sometimes our only space for interaction. To steer this process so that no one is left behind, the European Commission tabled a draft declaration on digital rights and principles for a human-centred digital transformation. The declaration would serve ...