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Since the Syrian conflict began in 2011, thousands of EU nationals have travelled or attempted to travel in conflict zones in Iraq and Syria to join insurgent terrorist groups, such as ISIL/Da'esh ('Islamic State'). Of those, it has been estimated that around 30 % have already returned to their home countries. The issue of foreign fighters has been high on the political agenda at both Member State and EU level for the last five years and touches upon a wide range of policies: policies related to ...

Malaysia's 2018 general election

At a Glance 26-04-2018

On 9 May 2018, Malaysians go to the polls to elect federal and state parliaments. Although a financial scandal and rising living costs have dented the popularity of the government, the opposition faces an uphill battle to end the governing Barisan Nasional coalition's six-decade rule, and it is not widely expected to win.

This paper provides an overview of European standards and good practices regarding prison conditions. Action by the EU in the field of judicial cooperation in criminal matters is affected by detention conditions across EU Member States. The Council of Europe has adopted numerous recommendations and standards on conditions of life in prison, and the European Court of Human Rights has found that detention conditions may breach the prohibition against torture and ill-treatment. The paper provides an ...

The CIA's extraordinary rendition and secret detention programme has again come under the scrutiny of the European Parliament, which will ask the Commission and the Council during the June plenary about the measures taken to implement Parliament's recommendations on the matter.

Israel's Policy of Administrative Detention

In-Depth Analysis 10-05-2012

Administrative detention is a pre-emptive measure that allows authorities to detain suspects before the trial. While the procedure can be applied to anyone and exists in many countries, the issue has become particularly pressing in Israel. Israeli authorities use administrative detention principally to constrain Palestinian political activism and apply the procedure for an unlimited period of time without pressing charges. As of April 2012, there were 309 administrative detainees in Israeli prisons ...

The note offers an assessment of the following aspects: extension of the scope of application for subsidiarity protection, the question of effective judicial protection, detention, the extension of the term "family member", the discretionary clauses, the new mechanism of temporary suspension of transfers.

This briefing paper deals with the human rights aspects of the draft Directive on common standards and procedures in member States for returning illegally staying third-country nationals (COM(2005) 391 final, 2005/0167(COD), 1 September 2005). It addresses, respectively, the scope of the draft Directive; the change of perspective on national return policies which is necessary in order to make the draft Directive relevant; the situation in transit zones; detention; suspensive effect of legal remedies ...