The links gathered on this page give an insight into the inner workings of the EU's only directly-elected institution
  • Members' Research Service


    Members' Research Service

    The Member's Research Service provides tailored briefings for Members, as well as research on major EU policies, issues and legislation. It is part of EPRS, the European Parliamentary Research Service.


  • Head
  • Impact Assessment


    Impact Assessment

    Impact Assessment identifies the foreseeable economic, social, environmental and other effects of proposed legislation. It is part of EPRS, the European Parliamentary Research Service.

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  • Policy Departments


    Policy Departments

    The five policy departments are responsible for providing - both in-house and external - high-level independent expertise, analysis and policy advice at the request of committees and other parliamentary bodies. They are closely involved in the work of committees which they support in shaping legislation on and exercising democratic scrutiny over EU policies.

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  • Scientific foresight (STOA)


    Scientific foresight (STOA)

    As part of EPRS, Scientific Foresight (STOA) carries out research and provides strategic advice in science and technology options assessment and scientific foresight. It undertakes studies and organises events under the guidance of the STOA Panel.

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  • Economic Governance


    Economic Governance

    Economic Governance Support provides information to Members on the implementation of the economic governance instruments and banking supervision in the Union, in particular in the Euro Area.


  • EP Eurobarometer


    EP Eurobarometer

    The European Parliament regularly commissions surveys on public opinion in the Member States. This is a means of keeping Parliament in touch with people's perceptions and expectations of its work and that of the European Union generally.


  • European Added Value


    European Added Value

    European Added Value studies identify the need for action at European level by analysing the potential benefit of future action by the Union. It is part of EPRS, the European Parliamentary Research Service.

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Legislative Observatory

From here you can follow the European decision-making process step by step. Find out what has already happened and what comes next.

Register of documents

The register brings together every official document produced or received by the European Parliament since 3 December 2001. You can search by keyword, author, date, reference number or type of document.

EPRS blog

The blog of the European Parliamentary Research Service provides direct access and contact with the team of professionals helping MEPs in their research and preparatory legislative work.


ESPAS is a unique inter-institutional project aimed at strengthening the EU's efforts in the crucial area of forward planning.

ORBIS - Foresight studies' hub

Visit the world’s largest library of prospective studies. Discover the long-term trends that will shape society. Read, learn and contemplate a wide variety of topics that concern you and the rest of the world’s citizens.

URBIS - Implementation studies' hub

Everything from national parliaments, regions, cities and social partners related to the Commission Work Programme.

Fact Sheets on the European Union

The Fact Sheets is a concise yet comprehensive source of information providing an overview of European integration and of the European Parliament's contribution to that process. They are updated regularly and can be consulted either within the Think Tank website or on the Fact-sheets webpage.

EU Bookshop

All the EU publications are available in the EU Bookshop, the online bookshop, library and archive of publications by EU institutions.