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Audiencias EMPL

On 6 February, EMPL Committee will hold a public hearing to evaluate the situation of workers and all people in the Member States suffering from the rising cost of living. This will bring to light the measures, which are /could be taken at both Member State and EU level in order to effectively address the social and employment consequences of the rising cost of living.

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Otros eventos LIBE

On 6 February, LIBE will hold an exchange of views with Commissioners Johansson and Reynders on the enforcement of EU law in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.


The CULT Committee in association with LIBE and IMCO committees, organises on 6 February at 16.30 a public hearing dedicated to the "Media Freedom Act", a long awaited legislative proposal aiming to strengthen media pluralism and media freedom in the European Union.

SEDE hearing Ukraine 6 February 2023
Audiencias SEDE

Enhancing EU support for Ukraine: conditions for the European Peace Facility and replenishing capabilities through joint procurement to efficiently enhance military support to Ukraine and the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base

EPRS online event on 7 February
Policy Roundtables and Book Talks EPRS

This annual event focuses on budgetary and macro-economic challenges facing the EU and the euro area. Members of the European Parliament and experts from the European Commission will discuss economic trends and the contribution of the EU budget and the Next Generation EU recovery instrument to Europe's economy.

EPRS event on 8 February
Policy Roundtables and Book Talks EPRS

Representatives of the European Science Academies will present their latest report on regenerative agriculture: a critical analysis on soil-health restoration, carbon capture and storage, reversal of biodiversity loss, with final evidence-based policy recommendations. A roundtable discussion on the tools to meet the main goals and targets, of both the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies, will be held with members of the European Parliament and representatives of the Commission services.

EPRS chat in EP Info Hub
Talleres EPRS

You are invited to come in the EP new Info Hub - left to the European Parliament' main entrance (Esplanade Solidarność in Brussels) - to have a conversation with David de Groot, policy expert in the European Parliament Research Service, to learn more on what is the EU doing on this subject.

Please just drop in! No registration is required.


En el artículo 193 del Reglamento se permite a las comisiones organizar audiencias de expertos cuando lo consideren indispensable para la buena marcha de sus trabajos sobre un asunto determinado. Las audiencias también pueden celebrarlas dos o más comisiones de forma conjunta. La mayor parte de las comisiones organizan audiencias con regularidad, ya que estos actos les permiten oír a expertos e intercambiar puntos de vista sobre asuntos clave. En esta página se ofrece toda la información disponible sobre las audiencias de las comisiones, incluidos sus programas, sus carteles anunciadores y las intervenciones de los oradores.


Los talleres son organizados por los departamentos temáticos y la Unidad de Prospectiva Científica (STOA) y gestionados de conformidad con el Reglamento Financiero. No se celebran necesariamente en público, pero pueden celebrarse durante una reunión de comisión.

Mesas redondas sobre políticas y charlas sobre libros del EPRS

Mesas redondas sobre políticas y charlas sobre libros del EPRS

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