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25-01-2021 13:45 - Public Hearing on "Gender aspects of precarious work"

Audiencia - FEMM
Precarious work

The Committee on Gender Equality and Women's Rights (FEMM) will organize a hearing on “Gender aspects of precarious work" on 25 January 2021, between 13.45 - 14.45 remotely.

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The hearing aims to discuss the gender dimension in relation to precarious work, poverty, the gender pay gap and minimum wages. It will also contribute to the work of the FEMM Committee on the Commission's proposal for a Directive on adequate minimum wages in the European Union.

The Committee will invite the following experts:
  • Blandine Mollard, Research Officer, EIGE
  • Agnès Parent-Thirion, Senior Programme Manager for working conditions, Eurofound (TBC)
  • Rafaela Pimentel, Representative of the organisation "Territorio Domestico", Spain (TBC)

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27-01-2021 14:30 - EPRS online policy roundtable: President Biden’s first 100 days

Otro acto - EPRS

Full title: President Biden’s first 100 days: A full reverse on Trump's agenda?

More info about this event will be published soon.

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No need for registration.

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28-01-2021 13:45 - Public Hearing "Mind the gap: For equal access to cancer medicines and treatments"

Audiencia - BECA
health pictogrammes

On Thursday 28 January, MEPs from the Beating Cancer committee will discuss with ten leading experts how to deliver the best possible care to cancer patients in the EU. Topics will range from cancer drugs to multidisciplinary cancer care, with a specific angle on paediatric and rare cancers and the social determinants in accessing cancer care.

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Access for patients to high quality, affordable and timely cancer care is a key element in the fight against cancer. Good healthcare services improve patient outcomes, reduce the suffering and side effects of treatments as much as possible and enhance the quality of life for survivors. Good healthcare outcomes also contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of the health care systems.

The draft programme will be available shortly.

Ubicación: Brussels, European Parliament, József Antall (4Q2) and with remote participation
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01-02-2021 13:45 - ANIT hearing on Approvals, controls and data

Audiencia - ANIT
Veterinary check of cows

The overall aim of this ANIT hearing is to provide Members with an overview of technical and administrative procedures related to implementation and enforcement of Regulation 01/2005. Particular aspects to be considered would include approval of journey logs, approval of vehicles, procedures to licence companies, mechanism for inspections and controls, the use of the TRACES system in practice, training of veterinaries as well as customs and police officers. 5 experts have been invited.

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The presentations will be followed by an exchange of views with Members.

Ubicación: ANTALL 6Q2
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    Draft programme

02-02-2021 13:30 - EPRS online policy roundtable: Economic and budgetary outlook 2021

Otro acto - EPRS

Full title: Economic and budgetary outlook 2021: Which road to an inclusive and resilient recovery?

More info to come.

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No need for registration.

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02-02-2021 14:00 - Exploring synergies between Horizon Europe and regional policy (online event)

Seminario - STOA
Communication exchange business partnership and teamwork symbol as two human heads made of tree leaves connected together as a symbol of network relationships and nature cooperation.

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The European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIFs) and Horizon Europe, when operating individually, provide significant support for research, development, and innovation. Supporting synergies in their use and implementation may deliver additional gains in terms of innovation results, close the innovation gap in Europe, and promote economic growth.

However, to actively promote the combination of both funds is no simple matter given the different aims and nature of the funds. Further, the combination of various EU funding sources is complex due to differing rules, eligibility criteria, and time-frames (for calls, policy cycles, etc.) between EU-funded programmes.

Despite their differences, there are also major complementarities and synergies that should be utilized. Horizon Europe focuses on tackling major societal challenges, maximising the competitiveness impact of research and innovation and raising and spreading levels of excellence in the research base. ESIFs have a strong emphasis on governance via the smart specialisation process and the definition of clear objectives on building knowledge and innovation capacity.

However, the process of synergy is sluggish, with complex interactions existing between different innovation actors. The successful deployment of a strategic perspective combining different funding instruments and policy frameworks may substantially boost competitiveness, welfare and growth in the EU regions.

To achieve this objective, it is crucial to align strategies and implementation modalities and complement existing and future roadmaps. The aim of this meeting is to explore breakthroughs in the synergies between the Horizon Europe and regional policy instruments.


14:00-14:15 - WELCOME

Christian EHLER, MEP and STOA First Vice-Chair


Synergies-post 2020: a comprehensive approach from strategic to operational synergies with regional policies

Anna PANAGOPOULOU, Research & Innovation Outreach, DG Research, European Commission

EIT, powering innovation across Europe's regions

Martin KERN, European Institute of Innovation & Technology

Synergies for innovation

Mikel LANDABASO ALVAREZ, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Cohesion policy and smart specialisation

Peter BERKOWITZ, Smart and Sustainable Growth Unit, DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission

Synergies and complementarities between EU programmes

Paul WEBB, Horizon budget and MMF synergies Unit, DG Research, European Commission


Christian EHLER, MEP and STOA First Vice-Chair

Ubicación: Brussels
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04-02-2021 13:30 - EPRS online policy roundtable: 40 years of Greece’s EU membership

Otro acto - EPRS

Full title: From democratisation to accession: 40 years of Greece’s EU membership

More info to come.

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No need for registration

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En el artículo 193 del Reglamento se permite a las comisiones organizar audiencias de expertos cuando lo consideren indispensable para la buena marcha de sus trabajos sobre un asunto determinado. Las audiencias también pueden celebrarlas dos o más comisiones de forma conjunta. La mayor parte de las comisiones organizan audiencias con regularidad, ya que estos actos les permiten oír a expertos e intercambiar puntos de vista sobre asuntos clave. En esta página se ofrece toda la información disponible sobre las audiencias de las comisiones, incluidos sus programas, sus carteles anunciadores y las intervenciones de los oradores.


Los talleres son organizados por los departamentos temáticos y administrados con arreglo al Reglamento financiero. No son necesariamente llevados a cabo en público, pero pueden realizarse durante una reunión de comisión.

Los talleres permiten a los diputados formular preguntas a expertos e intercambiar opiniones con ellos sobre temas relacionados con la actividad parlamentaria o temas de actualidad.

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