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24-07-2019 14:30 - Technical Workshop on Inter-, and Intra-inst. Cooperation in Budgetary Control

Seminar - CONT
Hand writing Workshop with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

The Committee on Budgetary Control held a workshop entitled 'Technical Workshop on Inter-, and Intra-institutional Cooperation in Budgetary Control' which aimed at explaining how the Court of Auditors (ECA) and the Commission cooperate with the European Parliament in order to assist the European Parliament in its exercise of political control with regard to the discharge on the implementation of the budget.


With the participation of:
  • European Court of Auditors, Henri Grethen, Member of ECA and Martin Weber, Director for ECA Presidency
  • European Commission, DG BUDG, Maria Rosa Aldea Busquets
  • European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)
  • Policy Department D, Niels Fischer, Head of Unit
Date and time: 24.07.2019, from 14:30 to 16:30

Asukoht: József Antall (JAN) 6Q2
Viimane päevakajastamine:: 25-07-2019

20-05-2019 14:30 - Science, numbers and politics

Seminar - CULT
CULT workshop 20-21 May 2019

The Directorate for Structural and Cohesion Policies and the Committee on Culture and Education, in collaboration with the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, held a workshop with experts on the ambivalent relationship between science and politics.


The main purpose of this workshop was to bring together academic scholars and practitioners of scientific policy advice with a view to discuss what scientific evidence can realistically do in and for politics, and how such evidence could be communicated to and used by policy makers both effectively and responsibly.

Asukoht: ASP 5G2 (day 1) and ASP 3H1 (day 2)
Viimane päevakajastamine:: 27-05-2019


Presentations (in alphabetical order)

      Presentation by Mr Drechsler
      Presentation by Mr Hastedt
      Presentation by Mr Jacobsen
      Presentation by Ms Önnerfors
      Presentation by Mr Prévost
      Presentation by Mr Prutsch
      Presentation by Mr Rosal
      Presentation by Mr Vurgan
      Presentation by Mr Watt
      Presentation by Ms Woensel

11-04-2019 15:00 - Integrated Territorial Investment as an effective tool of the Cohesion Policy

Seminar - CONT
Cohesion Policy workshop in CONT committee

The Integrated Territorial Investment - ITI - is a tool introduced in 2015 in the Common Provision Regulation for use during the European Structural and Investment Funds programming period. This tool aims to make it easier to run territorial strategies that need funding from different sources. It also promotes a more local form of policymaking.


The Workshops intends to analyse and debate the functioning of the ITI from a budgetary control perspective, with particular attention to the need for simplification of rules, the reduction of regulation and the effectiveness of the investments involved. The speakers list includes representatives from the EU Institutions - Commission and Court of Auditors -, and from the academic world, as well as national operators involved in the day by day programming and implementation of the ITI in the Czech Republic and Italy.

Asukoht: European Parliament, Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS) 4B001, Brussels
Viimane päevakajastamine:: 10-04-2019

    Draft Programme
    Briefing Paper

08-04-2019 15:00 - CONT-IMCO Joint Public Hearing: Combatting Customs Fraud

Kuulamine - CONT IMCO
Union Customs Code Delegated Act

On Monday 8 April 2019, the Committees Budgetary Control (CONT) and Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) have jointly organised a public hearing entitled ‘Combatting customs fraud’.


The aim of the hearing was to assess the scale of customs fraud, look into best practices in fighting fraud, relevant policy developments at EU and international level, possible guidelines for national authorities to fight fraud, the customs equipment and law enforcement personnel needed, relevant technological developments and various challenges in combatting customs fraud.

The hearing began the presentation of the study entitled 'Protection of EU financial interests on customs and VAT: Cooperation of national tax and customs authorities to prevent fraud'. This study aimed to describe the current levels of fraud and map and analyse the effectiveness of the EU cooperation measures in tackling fraud.

Co-Rapporteurs: Arndt Kohn (S&D) and Wolf Klinz (ALDE)

Viimane päevakajastamine:: 11-06-2019


      Aili Nurk
      Eva Lindström
      Pashupati Pandey
      Georg Roebling
      Tony Tielen
      Kristian Vanderwaeren

08-04-2019 15:00 - La ratification des traités internationaux en droit comparé: Pays tiers

Muu sündmus - EPRS

Cette conférence a pour but d’analyser, dans une perspective de droit comparé, la ratification des traités internationaux dans différents États tiers - notamment le Canada, le Maroc et la Suisse - et en particulier le régime juridique applicable, les acteurs impliqués, la procédure, ainsi qu’une estimation des délais encourus en vue de la ratification.


Asukoht: Salle de lecture de la Bibliothèque, Bâtiment Altiero Spinelli, 5ème étage, ASP D
Viimane päevakajastamine:: 28-03-2019


Kodukorra artikli 193 alusel võib parlamendikomisjon korraldada ekspertide osavõtul kuulamisi, kui see on vajalik komisjoni tööks teatud valdkondades. Kuulamisi võivad ühiselt korraldada ka kaks või enam parlamendikomisjoni. Enamik komisjone korraldab kuulamisi korrapäraselt, kuna need võimaldavad ekspertidega konsulteerida ja pidada arutelusid tähtsatel teemadel. Siin lehel on kogu olemasolev teave kuulamiste kohta, sealhulgas kavad, teadaanded ja sõnavõtud.


Seminare viivad läbi poliitikaosakonnad ja nende korraldamine toimub kooskõlas finantsmääruse sätetega. Need ei ole tingimata avalikud üritused, kuid need võivad toimuda komisjoni koosoleku ajal.

Seminarid annavad parlamendiliikmetele võimaluse esitada ekspertidele küsimusi ja vahetada nendega arvamusi teemadel, mis on seotud parlamendi tegevusega või pakuvad hetkel huvi.

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