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The surveillance of fiscal policies of EU Members States makes extensive use of estimates of the potential output and related concepts, including output gap and structural balance. This note provides an overview of these concepts, of their use and of the main issues related to them .

Vice-President Dombrovskis and Commissioners Schmit and Gentiloni have been invited to an Economic Dialogue on the launch of the 2020 European Semester, in line with the relevant EU law. This briefing note covers the main elements of the 2020 European Semester Package proposed by the Commission. It gives an overview of the implementation of the previous Semester Cycles and of the on-going work to strengthen the governance and the resilience of Economic and Monetary Union. Further information is available ...

Zdravko Marić, Minister of Finance of Croatia, is participating in the ECON Committee in his capacity of President of the ECOFIN Council during the Croatian Presidency (January-June 2020). In accordance with the Treaty of the Union, “Member States shall regard their economic policies as a matter of common concern and shall coordinate them within the Council”. This briefing provides an overview of the Croatian Presidency priorities in ECON matters, including the deepening of EMU, and the Council’ ...

This note provides an overview of the Economic Dialogues with the President of the Eurogroup held in the competent Committee of the European Parliament during the 8th legislative term. It provides a summary of the issues raised during the nine dialogues that took place between autumn 2014 and spring 2019, and presents the main topic discussed at each dialogue.