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The Monthly Highlights publication provides an overview, at a glance, of the on-going work of the policy departments, including a selection of the latest and forthcoming publications, and a list of future events.

Unlike the maritime transport sector, there is no single EU standard for the training and certification of fishers relating to health and safety on board. Member State safety training and certification requirements for fishers are complicated and vary significantly between Member States. This complexity is an obstacle to the free movement of fishers and it makes it harder to comply with statutory training and certification requirements. It may be contributing to illegal labour, and worker exploitation ...

The overall conclusion is that the IA could have deepened the analysis and perhaps discussed more thoroughly the scope of the plan in terms of areas and stocks specific to the Adriatic Sea. For instance, the potential interaction effect between small and large pelagic species and the interaction effect between fisheries and environmental factors could have been given more attention. The underlying drivers of the problems could have been analysed more thoroughly. The objectives of the proposed plan ...

Protecting seafarers under EU labour law

Lühitutvustus 29-06-2015

Although EU labour law generally applies to workers in all sectors, for now several directives allow Member States to exclude seafarers from certain worker-protection provisions. This situation gave rise to unequal treatment of seafarers in different countries and affects competition in shipping. The European Commission proposed an amending directive in 2013 to improve the level of protection of the rights protected under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in EU labour law, increase the quality ...

Commercial inland fisheries are small-scale, labour intensive, traditional fisheries mostly using passive gear. They produce high value products of local importance. Inland fisheries will not be heavily influenced by the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy as they are mainly managed nationally. Diadromous species may benefit from the reforms as long as they are properly implemented. The new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund has greater potential to provide increased support to inland fisheries ...

This note gives an overview of the current situation faced by women in the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Europe and the prerequisites for improved gender mainstreaming. It presents and discusses the available data on female employment in the sector, the problems faced by women’s fisheries organisations and their future prospects. The note also proposes that the impact of the EFF on the promotion of gender equality should be evaluated, and outlines the expectations vested in the EMFF.

The study analyses the structure and economic performance of small-scale coastal fisheries (SSF) in Europe. Eighteen main clusters within SSF are identified and their distribution by NUTS-2 region is presented. The contribution of SSF in terms of income and employment to the economies of the NUTS-2 regions is also assessed. Some potential policy implications of the study’s findings are considered in light of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy.

80% of the EU fishing fleet is today considered as 'small-scale and coastal fisheries’ (SSCF). In the context of the upcoming Common fisheries policy reform, the European Commission launched a debate on the creation of a specific management regime for SSCF, focusing on social objectives.

The European fishing sector is facing a severe economic crisis, and many fish stocks are in a state of grave depletion. The European Commission launched a debate on the future of fisheries by publishing a Green Paper on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy in April 2009. A full-scale reform is proposed, aimed at creating an ecologically sustainable industry. European stakeholders showed a strong interest, answering in numbers to the consultation. The Commission will analyze these responses, ...

Fisheries in Madeira

Analüüs 15-10-2008

Document describing the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in Madeira for the delegation of the Committee on Fisheries visiting from 25-28 November 2008. IP/