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The Gulf of Guinea is framed by 6 000 km of west African coastline, from Senegal to Angola. Its sea basin is an important resource for fisheries and is part of a key sea route for the transport of goods between central and southern Africa and the rest of the world. Its geo-political and geo-economic importance has grown since it has become a strategic hub in global and regional energy trade. Every day, nearly 1 500 fishing vessels, cargo ships and tankers navigate its waters. The security of this ...

African maritime security is affected by a wide range of illegal activities. This paper focuses on maritime piracy and armed robbery at sea, examining the legal aspects and societal implications of these forms of violence. Maritime piracy and armed robbery off Africa's coasts also pose a threat to the European Union's security and economy. Since 2008, the European Union has been implementing a maritime security strategy by means of separate regional strategies in the Gulf of Aden and in the Gulf ...

A maritime strategy for Africa

Lühitutvustus 13-07-2017

Harnessing the oceans' resources in a sustainable manner is the 'new frontier of the African renaissance', according to the African Union (AU). This 'blue growth' will only materialise if the oceans' health and security at sea are restored. For this purpose, the AU has designed an ambitious maritime strategy, but disagreements among the African states are hampering its realisation. The EU could support this strategy, provided cooperation goes beyond security and migration aspects.

Nigeria: Security situation

Lühitutvustus 28-01-2016

As a security actor, Nigeria provides a contrasting picture. While the country has asserted its role as a major security player in western Africa and on the African continent, where it has taken part in numerous peace operations; at home, its security forces have had difficulty tackling multiple internal security threats, including terrorism, sectarian conflicts and local insurgencies.

Fisheries in Reunion

Analüüs 15-09-2015

European outermost regions including Reunion are important providers of seafood to the Europeans. Adversely, fisheries play an important role in the economy of insular regions. These remote territories experience specific hardships in relation to their economic development, due to their location, limited range of activities in which they can sustain a competitive advantage. The recent EU fisheries policy change and the expected national compensation scheme for the outermost regions are to remedy ...

The violence that has engulfed South Sudan since mid-December 2013 and the neighbouring countries' reactions to the bloodshed largely reflect the dynamics underlying the East African region. Whilst many countries in the region enjoy abundant natural resources (including oil) and / or have recorded strong economic growth, they have failed to bring about structural transformations or to spur sustainable development. Among the many obstacles preventing East Africa from fulfilling its full potential, ...

The maritime dimension of the EU's CSDP

Lühitutvustus 05-09-2013

As piracy off Africa has become a global security issue, the need for the European Union (EU) to protect its interests at sea through a maritime dimension to its Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) has also been recognised.

The global maritime security environment is in the midst of an important transformation, driven by a simultaneous intensification of global maritime flows, the growing interconnectedness of maritime regions, the diffusion of maritime power to emerging powers, and the rise of a number of maritime non-state actors. These changes are having a profound impact on the maritime security environment of the EU and its member states and require an upgrading of the maritime dimension of the EU’s Common Security ...

SSR activities are key for stabilizing fragile and post-conflict states through their emphasis on training, institutional reform and governance. The EU has engaged in aspects of SSR for the past decade through its CFSP/CSDP as well as development and enlargement policies. The recently launched CSDP missions in the Horn of Africa take place in a new institutional context, and address European security concerns in a fragile but geopolitically important region. The EU’s engagement with SSR in general ...

Maritime piracy originating in Somalia

Lühitutvustus 09-03-2012

Maritime piracy around Somalia is costing billions and hurting global trade. In the context of one of the world's poorest countries, international responses have not been completely effective.