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This study, commissioned by the European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the JURI Committee, aims to provide an overview of cross-border enforcement of intellectual property rights in the EU with a particular emphasis on copyright and related rights in the online environment. The study provides a detailed analysis of the current situation of cross-border IPR enforcement and formulates various policy recommendations to improve current ...

Following the adoption of the 2015 strategy for a digital single market in Europe and the 2020 communication on a European strategy for data, both of which sought to establish the right conditions for developing the EU data economy, several additional policy and legislative initiatives were undertaken. Their common goal was to provide the necessary legal, technological and economic conditions so data access, data-sharing and data re-use could foster innovation, business competitiveness and public ...

With online platforms and markets enmeshed in our societies and economies, the need to revisit and update existing digital regulations is becoming increasingly apparent. The debate around these reforms in the US, the EU and elsewhere touches on fundamental questions of privacy, transparency and free speech and the dynamic between private firms and governmental oversight is complex. While online platforms play a salient role in daily life, both the US and the EU continue to operate with regulations ...

When the pandemic loomed over us in spring 2020, we asked experts to analyze whether it was possible to introduce a Covid angle into their studies. In many cases, it seemed prima facie a bit far-fetched. However, it soon became apparent that even in our area of work there were interesting aspects to investigate. This publication groups together the most relevant parts of the studies published so far and in which a Covid 19 angle has been presented and discussed.

Piracy of online broadcast of sports events is a problem in the EU. No action at EU level in this field would lead to additional burdens on economic operators and would hamper completion of the Digital Single Market. This European Added Value Assessment (EAVA) looks at the existing EU legislation and checks if it provides sports events organizers and their licensees with an adequate level of protection against this risk. It also presents potential EU level action that could help solve the problem ...

Il presente briefing ha l'obiettivo di offrire una sintesi delle posizioni assunte dal Parlamento europeo negli ultimi vent'anni relative alla strategia "Dal produttore al consumatore" e alla componente del Green Deal europeo che mira a un sistema alimentare equo, sano e rispettoso dell'ambiente. Nonostante si tratti di una nuova strategia, la maggior parte delle sue 27 azioni è collegata alla legislazione vigente sulla quale il Parlamento europeo ha già in precedenza espresso il proprio parere.

The original full study reflects on responsibilities and duties of care of online intermediaries as set out in Directive 2000/31/EC (E-Commerce Directive, ECD) and gives recommendations for a possible future EU Digital Services Act.

European Union (EU) lawmakers are reflecting on how to best legislate for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, seeking to maximise EU citizens' opportunities to benefit from the technology, while regulating against the risks. Parliament is due to vote in its October II plenary session on three own-initiative reports from the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) in the areas of ethics, civil liability, and intellectual property (IP).

Digital sovereignty for Europe

Briefing 02-07-2020

There is growing concern that the citizens, businesses and Member States of the European Union (EU) are gradually losing control over their data, over their capacity for innovation, and over their ability to shape and enforce legislation in the digital environment. Against this background, support has been growing for a new policy approach designed to enhance Europe's strategic autonomy in the digital field. This would require the Union to update and adapt a number of its current legal, regulatory ...

The Unified Patent Court after Brexit

Lühitutvustus 11-03-2020

Great Britain has recently made known that it does not intend to apply the International Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (UPCA).