Revision of EU financial rules

Briefing 28-06-2018

In September 2016, the Commission tabled a proposal for a new Financial Regulation which would replace the current one (together with its Rules of Application), as well as amend 15 other sectoral instruments each containing financial rules. The Commission justifies its proposal by the need to simplify EU financial rules and make them more flexible. In April 2018, the BUDG and CONT committees approved the outcome of trilogue negotiations on the main part of the proposal for a new Financial Regulation, and that is expected to be voted in plenary in July 2018. Prior to that, in December 2017, the co-legislators had already adopted part of the proposal relating to the reform of five sectoral regulations within the common agricultural policy. See separate EPRS ‘At a glance’ note on the agricultural part, 2016/0282B(COD). Second edition. The ‘EU Legislation in Progress’ briefings are updated at key stages throughout the legislative procedure. Please note this document has been designed for on-line viewing.