08-09-2022 14:00
EPRS online annual conference on better law-making

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EPRS online event
EPRS online policy roundtable on 7 September © AdobeStock_111163197

First conference on better law-making: Forward looking policy-making in times of multiple crises

In light of recent crises and the challenges facing the EU, better law-making is increasingly relevant and an area in which the European Parliament is a key player, given the roles it plays in legislation and scrutiny. This event follows up on Parliament's recent resolution on Better regulation: Joining forces to make better laws, and takes stock of the better law-making agenda.

The event will involve three sessions. The first will examine the evolution and implementation of the Better Regulation agenda over time and assess its efficacy in the midst of the current challenges; the other two will delve deeper into several key issues across the legislative cycle. More specifically, the second session will focus on anticipatory governance tools and how to future-proof legislation, while the third will end the conference by looking at progress on simplification and the reduction of unnecessary costs, in the light of the 'one in, one out' approach.