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This study proposes an overview of the selection of Special Advisers to the European Commission, specifically during the period 2014-2019: the procedure followed, number of contracts, safeguards, contractual terms, budgetary implications, transparency, communication with the European Parliament. A review of literature, good practices and criteria for assessing the European Commission framework is provided. In conclusion this study makes recommendations on how to further strengthen it.

This analytical study focuses on the legal and practical / ethical dimensions of the appointment of senior-level officials in the European Union (EU) institutions, and a selection of Member States and different European / international organisations. Focusing on the four instances of maladministration identified by the European Ombudsman with regard to the appointment of the new Secretary-General (SG) of the European Commission (EC), this study recommends inter alia that a special appointment procedure ...

Revolving doors in the EU and US

Briefing 04-07-2018

The flow of officials and politicians between the public and private sector has in the past few years given rise to calls for more transparency and accountability. In order to mitigate the reputational damage to public institutions by problematic use of the 'revolving door', this phenomenon is increasingly being regulated at national level. In the United States, President Trump recently changed the rules put in place by his predecessor to slow the revolving door. As shown by press coverage, the US ...

The Monthly Highlights publication provides an overview, at a glance, of the on-going work of the policy departments, including a selection of the latest and forthcoming publications, and a list of future events.

This study, commissioned by the European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the JURI Committee, focuses on the legal status of EU active and retired officials and other servants of British nationality in the context of the UK leaving the EU under Article 50 TEU. It examines the legal position of EU officials and other servants of British nationality with their rights and possible remedies. It further explores avenues towards solutions ...

Proceedings of the workshop on "Better Avoidance of Conflict of Interest: EU Agencies and Other Bodies Moving Forward" held on 21 February 2013 in Brussels.

Tässä tutkimuksessa tarkastellaan Euroopan avoimuusaloitteen täytäntöönpanoa koheesiopolitiikan alalla. Aloitteella on tarkoitus tehostaa EU:n aloitteita koskevaa yleistä tiedotusta ja lisätä erityisesti EU:n varainkäyttöä koskevaa avoimuutta. Keskeisiä tarkastelukohteita ovat jäsenvaltioiden kyky täyttää avoimuusaloitteen vaatimukset koheesiopoliittisissa kysymyksissä sekä edellytykset, joilla avoimuusaloite voidaan panna menestyksekkäästi täytäntöön.