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With the help of cells from a single cow, scientists can produce 175 million hamburgers. What if we didn’t need cows for our beef? Technologies for producing cultured meat and dairy products will help feeding the world in a sustainable way. What if we could produce meat without farming? New technology within reach to produce meat with a very low eco-footprint

The cattle sector is of great economic importance within the EU agricultural sector. Productivity of the sector is very heterogeneous. In the near future, a further increase in milk and bovine meat supply can be expected. To avoid a decline in farm gate prices, further product differentiation at the EU level, an increase in export opportunities as well as compensation for environmental services to support extensification will be needed.

The Monthly Highlights newsletter features publications on EU cattle sector, Brexit, Russia, drug policy, EU agencies and structural and investment funds.

Traditionally a strong supporter of its agricultural sector, Norway has since 1 January 2013 been applying new ad valorem duties on imports of certain types of cheese, sheep and beef meat, resulting in sharp increases to respectively 277%, 429%, and 344%. This move was preceded by a new 72% import duty on hortensia flowers in September 2012, causing turbulence in EU-Norway relations, generally close and smooth.

Takes a critical look at the EC hormone ban. Is the consumer better protected since the ban was introduced?