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Russian President Vladimir Putin used his speech at the annual Victory Day over Nazi Germany, on 9 May, to mobilise support among the country's citizens for its 11-week-old war on Ukraine, claiming that Moscow had to defend itself against imminent attack. Recently, Russia has shifted its military efforts towards the east and south-east of Ukraine, as well as to the bombing of critical infrastructure, after it failed to capture Kyiv, the capital. In some areas abandoned by the Russian forces, Ukrainian ...

2021 Report on Albania

Lyhyesti 16-05-2022

Albania has been an EU candidate country since June 2014. The Council decided on 25 March 2020 to open accession negotiations, after the country had made some progress towards meeting the political criteria and the five key priorities that need to be fulfilled to become an EU Member State; the European Council endorsed this decision the following day. However, negotiations have not yet started, and Albania is advancing towards EU membership at a very slow pace. The main obstacles remain flaws in ...

2021 Report on North Macedonia

Lyhyesti 16-05-2022

North Macedonia was the first western Balkan country to conclude a stabilisation and association agreement with the EU in 2004; just one year later, it became a candidate country. However, disputes with Greece blocked any progress in accession negotiations until 2019. Pending bilateral issues with Bulgaria still need to be resolved as a matter of priority to unlock the negotiations. Parliament's position on the European Commission's 2021 report on the country is expected to be voted during the May ...

The EU has joined partners at the World Trade Organization in imposing import and export bans and other trade restrictions to punish Russian and Belarussian elites and degrade Russia's military and industrial capacity. Now it is proposing to support Ukraine by temporarily scrapping all tariffs and quotas on Ukrainian imports.

Ce document s’intègre dans une série d’études qui, avec une perspective de droit comparé, visent à faire une présentation du droit à la santé dans différents ordres juridiques. Après avoir expliqué la réglementation et la jurisprudence d’application, le contenu, les limites et la possible évolution de ce droit sont examinés. La présente étude a pour objet le cas de la Suisse. Elle présente les tensions idéologiques qui peuvent naître de la rencontre de l’impératif de santé publique d’une part et ...

The UK was a European Union Member State from 1973 until 31 January 2020. For reasons of comparability and consistency, the historical data for the 'EU-27' in this infographic covers all current Member States, regardless of whether they were Member States at the time concerned.

This study forms part of a larger comparative law project which seeks to present the right to health in a broad range of legal systems around the world. After analysing the legislation in force and the most relevant case law, the content, limits, and possible evolution of this right are examined. The subject of this study is the United States federal legal system. The United States does not recognize a right to health. Governments are responsible for providing a healthy environment for individuals ...

Trade relations between the EU and Chile are imbalanced not only in terms of trends in export and import of goods, but also in the diversity of trade products and in their ranking in the list of main trade partners. The EU was Chile's third biggest trade partner in 2021, with a 10,4 % share in Chile's trade with the world. Germany, Spain and the Netherlands are leading the list of Chile's top EU trade partners.

The Monthly Highlights publication provides an overview, at a glance, of the on-going work of the policy departments, including a selection of the latest and forthcoming publications, and a list of future events.

The United States imposed a battery of sanctions and multilateral measures on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, while also providing Ukraine and its EU neighbours with military, economic and humanitarian aid.