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Tältä sivulta pääsee kaikkiin julkaisuihin, jotka liittyvät johonkin maailman alueeseen.

Alla on kolme viimeisintä tällä sivustolla julkaistua a siakirjaa, johon on liitetty maantieteellinen aihetunniste.

Lisätty 26-05-2023

Russia's war on Ukraine has changed geopolitical realities on the continent. Since the war began, Moldova has been granted EU candidate country status. It will also host the second European Political Community summit on 1 June 2023. President Maia Sandu – supported by the country's government, led by Dorin Recean – has put forward a modernisation agenda for the country despite difficult economic and geopolitical circumstances.

This study, commissioned by the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the JURI Committee, looks into the challenges and possible improvements of administrative cooperation between Member States, as regards cross-border enforcement of administrative fines and recovery claims. Legal instruments to facilitate transnational cooperation are necessary. Also the terms ‘fine’ and ‘recovery claim’ are often subject to different definitions in the Member States ...

Real challenges to the ECB

Selvitys 25-05-2023

As it brings inflation down, the ECB faces lingering real-side disturbances inherited from the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine. Its actions sometimes even deepen these disturbances. The paper argues that it simply cannot deal with them, and should not try to.