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Publié le 29-03-2023

When it comes to road safety, the EU is the world leader by far. Over the past 20 years, the number of people killed on roads has decreased by 60 %, from around 51 400 in 2001 to around 20 600 in 2022. However, since 2014, this decrease has stagnated, with hardly any drop in the number of road fatalities in the years between then and 2020. Moreover, improvements in road safety have not been significant enough to meet the EU's 2010 and 2020 objectives for reducing road death numbers. Much more will ...

Renewable energy in the EU

En bref 29-03-2023

The ongoing energy crisis and its related challenges of energy security concerns and high energy prices have put the spotlight on the EU's domestic production and use of energy in general and renewables in particular. The 2018 Renewable Energy Directive (RED) requires the EU to achieve a 32 % share of renewable energy sources (RES) in gross final energy consumption by 2030. The Commission has since proposed a revision of the renewables target to 40 % as part of the 'fit for 55' package, in the context ...

Cette étude dresse un inventaire des fonds versés par différents acteurs en faveur de la recherche et du développement (R & D) et de l’accroissement de la capacité de production de vaccins contre la COVID-19, en s’intéressant plus particulièrement aux vaccins autorisés dans l’Union européenne. L'étude porte ainsi sur neuf vaccins. Il apparaît que les gouvernements, principalement celui des États-Unis (avec le concours de certaines entités à but non lucratif), ont apporté un soutien décisif aux investissements ...

In July 2022, the European Commission published its third annual rule of law report, which contains an individual chapter for each of the 27 EU Member States. In contrast to the rule of law reports from 2020 and 2021, this latest one makes country-specific recommendations to all Member States, something the European Parliament had been repeatedly calling for. This brings the rule of law report into closer alignment with the European Semester – as acknowledged by the third report itself. From originally ...

Packaging and packaging waste

Briefing 29-03-2023

The IA provides a good overview of the problems relating to packaging and packaging waste, and the possible impacts of the various measures proposed to address the problems. In its assessment, which is both qualitative and quantitative, the IA relies on a wealth of data sources and modelling. However, it does not clearly indicate the IA supporting studies and their full references; this would have improved transparency. The IA presents three policy options, which are partially incremental and cannot ...

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Kenya is a key economic and political partner for the European Union and plays an important role as a peace broker in the region and is a leader when it comes to producing regional energy. It also faces a number of challenges with one million children under five malnourished. In this context, a delegation of six members from the Committee on Development, to be chaired by MEP Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana, will travel there from 3 to 5 April 2023.

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