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EaSI is an umbrella programme that brings together three previous EU programmes managed separately: Progress, Eures and the Progress Microfinance Facility. Progress helps to finance good analytical data about social policies and their dissemination, in order to base EU policies on evidence. Eures focuses on employment and encourages professional mobility. The Microfinance Facility provides help to social enterprises, namely by providing vulnerable groups with a financial contribution to let them ...

The European Parliament will discuss in Plenary the European Commission 2013 report on the implementation of the European Progress Microfinance Facility for employment and social inclusion, a programme that aims to increase the availability of microcredit and which, as of 2014, has been integrated into the umbrella programme for social change and innovation (EaSI).

The European Progress Microfinance Facility for employment and social inclusion was established by Decision 283/2010 and will be in operation until April 2016. Although only a limited number of conclusions can be made on the basis of data available so far, some criticism towards this instrument has already been reflected in the set-up of the next EU multi-annual framework to cover microcredit, namely the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). The specific effects of the Microfinance ...

The report describes the microfinance sector in the European Union and the different forms it takes depending on the Member States and their particular banking and financial sectors, as well as the needs that it covers. It takes into account the regulatory framework and analysis and assesses the situation and trends in microfinance in the EU, in accordance with the institutions and intermediaries at work.