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26-10-2020 09:00 - European Gender Equality Week - October 26-29, 2020

Imeacht eile - FEMM
European Gender Equality Week 2020

At the initiative of the FEMM Committee, the European Parliament is holding its first ever European Gender Equality Week during the last week of October 2020.

Leagan níos faide

2020 is a special year, marking the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. This important milestone provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the achievements and future challenges for the advancement of girls' and women's rights and gender equality. Therefore, the European Parliament is holding for the first time European Gender Equality Week. It gives a very much-needed input to the long lasting battle against women's discrimination and gender inequality as well as more visibility and recognition to the gender mainstreaming in all policy areas.

Most committees taking part in the Gender Equality Week are organizing events during the last days of October, while some others will look into gender mainstreaming aspects in their fields of competences later this year.

Please consult the Draft programme (link below) of the European Gender Equality Week events.

Suíomh: European Parliament
An nuashonrú is déanaí: 20-10-2020

    Gender Equality week - Presentation video
    Draft Programme

27-10-2020 13:00 - EPRS online Book Talk | Beyond Christendom - The politics of religion in Europe today

Imeacht eile - EPRS
Online Book Talk on 27 October 2020

Professor Olivier Roy of the European University Institute (EUI) will talk about his recent book, 'Is European Christian?', which traces the history of disputes over Christianity in modern European history. Prof. Roy explores the secularisation in Europe after the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, the impact of the Enlightenment, the Catholic reaction to modernism, the rise of anti-clericalism and the separation of Church and State […]

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[...] , the globalisation of religious movements, and the rise of Islam and its implications for politics today.
Professor Roy will be in conversation with MEP Bernard GUETTA.
The event will be held in French. But questions may be asked in English during the Q&A session.
No registration needed.

Suíomh: Live event through the WebEx platform
An nuashonrú is déanaí: 06-10-2020

28-10-2020 12:00 - Climate Change and Health

Ceardlann - ENVI
Dry countryside with one green tree in the shape of a heart

The Health Working Group of the ENVI Committee requested the Policy Department A to organise a workshop on the issue of climate change and health, covering issues such as climate threat on physical health, the mental charge of climate change on vulnerable groups and regions and food and nutrition security concerns caused by climate change.

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The workshop will bring together leading experts in the field in order to inform the Members of the most important concerns in the area of climate change and health, providing a forum for discussion.

An nuashonrú is déanaí: 19-10-2020

    Final Programme

29-10-2020 09:00 - Workshop on Open spaces at EU institutions versus traditional work spaces

Ceardlann - CONT
A woman and a man talking in a new office at Marr Plaza Business Center.

The workshop on open spaces at EU institutions versus traditional work spaces will focus on the difference between different kind of offices spaces. It will answer the question on advantages and disadvantages, how Covid-19 has influence on the use of office space and employee well-being at work. The workshop will also focus on the current situation in the EU institutions regarding work spaces.

Leagan níos faide

The concept of open office spaces is a topic of discussion. While it could contribute to the reduction of costs, improve team work and communication it affects employees overall well-being and productivity. The future of open office space is unsure with the outbreak of Covid-19, as diseases spread faster in an open office space where people are closer to one another. Some researchers suggest that open office space will continue for those companies that need a high level of team work and to save costs in the long term. The use of open office space should be based on the common goal of the company and they should communicate these goals to their employees. The best way to let employees adjust better to an open office space is to include them in the designing process. This will make the goals of the new work environment clear and helps them to create the best working space for them. In the end this could help to avoid the pitfalls of open office spaces.

An nuashonrú is déanaí: 21-10-2020


29-10-2020 16:00 - EPRS online policy roundtable - America’s moment of destiny? US Presidential election

Imeacht eile - EPRS

The US Presidential election on Tuesday 3 November may stand out as a defining moment of twenty-first century politics. In the first of two EPRS policy roundtables on this key event, we will gather together leading US experts from the academic community, think tanks and the media, to share their thinking and insights on the coming contest. They will look at the opinion polls and broader political dynamics, and discuss what is at state for America, Europe and the world. [...]

Leagan níos faide

[...] The second event, to be held after the election, will analyse the outcome of the contest and its implications for the US and for EU-US relations.

No registration needed.

Suíomh: Live event via the WebEx Events platform
An nuashonrú is déanaí: 19-10-2020

09-11-2020 13:30 - EPRS online Book Talk | The revolutions of 1989-90 thirty years on [...]

Imeacht eile - EPRS
Online Book Talk on 9 November 2020

Full title: The revolutions of 1989-90 thirty years on - How events in Europe and China changed the world

Speaking on the 31st anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Professor Kristina Spohr of Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) and the LSE will talk about her new book, Post Wall, Post Square: Rebuilding the World after 1989. Spohr reconstructs the dramatic events of 1989-90 in both Central and Eastern Europe and China, […]

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[...] and looks at how they have shaped the global political order since. Drawing on a wealth of new archival material, her book has just won the 2020 prize for best political science book in Germany.
No registration needed. The link to join the event will be published in due time.

Suíomh: Live event through the WebEx platform
An nuashonrú is déanaí: 02-09-2020

30-11-2020 13:30 - EPRS online Book Talk | How to own the room (and the zoom) [...]

Imeacht eile - EPRS
Online Book Talk on 30 November 2020

Full title: How to own the room (and the zoom) - Women as great public speakers, past, present and future

Guardian journalist and comedian Viv Groskop will talk about her recent best-selling book, How to own the Room: Women and the art of brilliant speaking, which explores ‘the presence, performance and authenticity of recent history’s great women speakers’ - from Virginia Wolff to Christine Lagarde. […]

Leagan níos faide

[...] Groskop offers advice on finding confidence and projecting authority in effective public speaking, and explains what 'owning the room' means - and how to 'own the zoom' in the future.
No registration needed. The link to join the event will be published in due time.

Suíomh: Live event through the WebEx platform
An nuashonrú is déanaí: 02-09-2020

09-12-2020 15:00 - 2020 -Digital human rights and the future of democracy: Lessons from the pandemic

Imeacht eile - STOA
STOA Annual Lecture

If the sanitary conditions do not allow physical presence, participants will be able to follow the event via webstreaming.

Leagan níos faide

This year, STOA's Annual Lecture will focus on the disruptive effects of the digital revolution upon democracy and the protection of civil liberties and human rights in the context of the current pandemic. It will examine the impacts of digital technology on democratic decision-making and the notion of democratic citizenship. The Annual Lecture 2020, chaired by STOA Chair Eva KAILI (S&D, Greece), will investigate the challenges associated with the growing datafication of our societies and the need to reclaim data sovereignty in the era of artificial intelligence.

The event will open with a speech by the STOA Panel Chair. A keynote lecture follows by Shoshana ZUBOFF, Charles Edward Wilson Professor Emerita of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and award-winning author of 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism'. Professor ZUBOFF is a world-class thinker whose research is focused on the contested digital transition, its relationship to the future of capitalism, and the consequences for individuals and society.

Her keynote speech will be followed by a panel discussion on various aspects of key new technologies, with the participation of Members and experts in the above fields. An online public debate will close the event.

Draft Agenda

  • 15:00-15:10, Opening remarks, Eva KAILI, Chair of the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA)
  • 15:10-15:25, Speaker t.b.c.
  • 15:25-15:55, Keynote speech, Professor Shoshana ZUBOFF
  • 15:55-16:25, Discussion with experts, Members of the European Parliament and the public
  • 16:25-16:30, Closing remarks, Eva KAILI, Chair of the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA)

An nuashonrú is déanaí: 13-10-2020

16-12-2020 14:00 - EPRS online Book Talk | The story of the EU Global Strategy [...]

Imeacht eile - EPRS
Online Book Talk on 16 December 2020

Full title: The story of the EU Global Strategy - Defining the principles and priorities of Europe’s foreign policy

Dr Nathalie Tocci of the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), who worked with HR/VP Federica Mogherini in drafting the latest EU Global Strategy in June 2016, will talk about her recent book on the process. Entitled Framing the EU Global Strategy: A Stronger Europe in a Fragile World, Tocci’s book explains the origins and substance of the strategy, […]

Leagan níos faide

[...] and offers a behind-the-scenes portrait of the players involved and the choices they made in seeking to define the principles and policies that encapsulate the Union's world view.
No registration needed. The link to join the event will be published in due time.

Suíomh: Live event through the WebEx platform
An nuashonrú is déanaí: 02-09-2020


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