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This compilation of briefings presents the most salient points and essential commitments made by the commissioners-designate during the hearings held in September/October 2014 before the parliamentary committees. These commitments concern the main on-going legislative procedures, the preparation of future legislative proposals as well as the scrutiny of the implementation of existing legislation. They also touch upon the crucial issue of inter-institutional cooperation.

Briefing summarises the commitments made at the hearing of Marianne Thyssen Commissioner designate for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility.

Working Group 1: What kind of growth and jobs for the europe of tomorrow? This briefing note provides an introduction to the priorities of Europe 2020, the new strategic policy framework the European Union has set itself for the next ten years, and attempts at highlighting the way the current economic context has impacted on the design of the strategy. It subsequently stresses the implications of such choices for the labour market and employment policies. An overview of the role of structural and ...

Working Group 1 - Economic and financial crises and new forms of poverty Working Group 2 - The impact of the economic and financial crisis on migration and social integration Working Group 3 - Challenges for a Model of European Society: Towards a sustainable and inclusive growth model