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International organisations continue to report the abuse by some states of Interpol’s Notice System to persecute national human rights defenders, civil society activists and critical journalists in violation of international standards of human rights. Available case studies, written reports and interviews with organisations working in the field confirm the reported abuses. Recent Interpol reforms have made significant impact on safeguarding individuals both substantially and procedurally. Nevertheless ...

This year, Finland and Sweden, like Austria, celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their accession to the European Union. This historical study focuses specifically on the entry into the Union of the first two countries. Distinct economic and social policies, as well as issues of neutrality during the Cold War, had kept the two Nordic countries from developing closer relations with the European Community. However, economic and geopolitical changes allowed this situation to evolve into a deeper and ...

Serbia: Security situation

Kratki prikaz 17-07-2015

Serbia has a key role in the stability of the Western Balkans. With armed conflict now in the past, the country is firmly engaged in the European integration process, and holds the 2015 OSCE chair. However, Serbia remains 'in the line of fire' between Russia and the West, in particular due to the situation in Ukraine, and future crises or security threats to the region cannot be excluded.