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The Customs 2020 programme was established by Regulation No 1294/2013 and is aimed at supporting the functioning of the customs union. The Fiscalis 2020 programme was established by Regulation No 1286/2013 and is aimed at improving the operation of the taxation systems in the internal market and supporting cooperation between the EU Member States.

GDP per capita is the sole criterion for identifying specific conditions of eligibility to the benefit of the structural funds. This criterion does not reveal really the well-being of local people. This study examines alternative measures, like final consumption expenses or a more sophisticated synthetic index, and their impact on the eligibility of the regions. The impact of the UK Referendum is examined, either using the present criterion or the alternative ones.

Constitutionally, Russia is a federation, as was the Soviet Union before it – a natural choice for such a large and heterogeneous country. The 85 federated states which make up the country (referred to as 'subjects of the Russian Federation', 'federal subjects' or 'regions') enjoy wide-ranging powers. At federal level they are represented by the upper house of parliament (Council of the Federation), giving them direct influence over federal law-making, at least on paper. Russia's federal system faces ...

This in-depth analysis provides an overview of Ukrainian economic, political and administrative framework. It focuses on the description of the territorial administration system of the country, including its territorial division, the competences of different levels of administration and their financial capacities. This analysis provides also the information about the measures taken by the Ukrainian government, regarding the administrative organisation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea that was ...