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The issue of fair competition between EU and third-country airlines and the importance of guaranteeing a level playing field has been recognised for some years by the various EU institutions as key for the future of European aviation. The 2015 Commission communication on the aviation strategy underlined the importance and legitimacy of EU action to deal with possible unfair commercial practices in international aviation, and announced the revision of existing rules in this field. On 8 June 2017, ...

This note summarises the main points presented in the study on Competition in Air Transport.

Competition in Air Transport

Studija 16-04-2018

Competition in the aviation sector pertains to different sets of rules, competition law on the one hand and, given the cross-border interdependencies of transport markets, international rules on the other hand. The workshop aimed to examine the current situation of competition in air transport using the proposed regulation on Safeguarding competition in air transport, repealing Regulation (EC) No 868/2004 as a practical example and starting point for the discussion. The Committee on Economic and ...

Air transport: market rules

Informativni članci o EU-u 01-07-2017

The setting up of the Single Aviation Market in the late 1990s has profoundly transformed the air transport industry and has greatly contributed to the strong growth in air transport in Europe over the past twenty years.

This briefing note intends to provide background information concerning a number of crucial aspects explaining the impact of the economic crisis on the EU air transport sector. Firstly, the current impact of the economic crisis in terms of freight and passenger transport is analysed, by using a set of key indicators. Secondly, some possible scenarios for the mid-term development of the air transport sector in relation to possible developments of the general economic situation are described. Finally ...