Plenary round-up - May I 2022

Rövid áttekintés 06-05-2022

Russia's war on Ukraine was again at the top of the agenda for the May I 2022 plenary session in Strasbourg. Members held three important debates related to the war: on the social and economic consequences for the EU and reinforcing the EU’s capacity to act, on EU preparedness against cyber-attacks following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and on the impact on the EU transport and tourism sectors. Parliament debated Commission and Council statements on threats to the safety of journalists and media freedom, marking the annual World Press Freedom Day, on ongoing hearings under Article 7(1) TEU regarding Poland and Hungary, on the state of play of EU-Moldova cooperation, on building a wall on the Poland–Belarus border in the Białowieża primeval forest, and on threats to stability, security and democracy in western Africa and the Sahel. The follow up of the Conference on the Future of Europe was also debated. Following on from recent reforms to the structure of the plenary agenda, and in particular the return of question time with the Commission, Members discussed Europe’s energy autonomy – the strategic importance of renewables and energy interconnections and efficiency – with Commissioner Kadri Simson. A debate entitled 'This is Europe' was held with the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, and other Heads of State or Government are expected to take part in future plenary sessions. Among the other debates held were those on the discharge for the 2020 budget, the EU action plan for organic agriculture, distortive foreign subsidies, the 2021 annual report on competition policy, and on artificial intelligence in a digital age.