'Fit for 55' legislative package: Strengthening the CO2 emission performance standards for new passenger cars and new light commercial vehicles

Briefing 29-11-2021

The IA undertakes a quantitative assessment of the economic, social and environmental impacts of strengthening the CO2 targets for cars and vans, using modelling tools with proven track record in supporting EU policy-making. It identifies and quantifies the costs and benefits of the combination of preferred options and qualitatively describes indirect costs and benefits. Despite the related considerable effort, the IA seems to define the problem at a rather aggregated level and does not provide further details as to which consumers, which parts of the value chain in which Member States are affected and at what scale. Furthermore, the IA does not explain how the CTP scenarios - which define the level of ambition increase for light- and heavy duty vehicles broadly as 'low', 'medium' or 'high' - resulted in the CO2 emission target levels for 2035 and 2040.