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ASEAN: Economic indicators and trade with EU

Rövid áttekintés 01-12-2021

The economies of most ASEAN countries contracted due to the turmoil caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Three of them, however, (Brunei, Myanmar/Burma and Vietnam) still managed to grow in terms of GDP, although at a much slower rate than in previous years. Despite the fact that the value of trade in goods declined by 10 % to €189 billion, the ASEAN countries remain an important partner for the EU, collectively representing 5 % of the EU’s overall trade in 2020, ranking in sixth place after ...

World AIDS Day 2021: 1 December

Rövid áttekintés 30-11-2021

World AIDS Day, proclaimed by the United Nations in 1988, takes place each year on 1 December. The aim is to raise awareness, fight prejudice, encourage progress in prevention, and improve treatment around the world. Although infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is preventable, significant HIV transmission remains a challenge to EU Member States' health systems. This year's theme 'End inequalities. End AIDS.' underlines the urgent need to tackle economic, social and cultural inequalities ...

Achieving climate neutrality may depend on a few technologies: The International Energy Agency scenario for net zero by 2070 predicts that half of the emissions reductions depend on low-carbon hydrogen, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), bioenergy, and electrification of end-use sectors such as heating and transport. Further investment in research and development (R&D) is essential for helping commercialise these technologies. Yet energy sector R&D spending is stymied by high capital ...

Plenary round-up – November II 2021

Rövid áttekintés 26-11-2021

Due to the deteriorating Covid 19 situation, the November II plenary session in Strasbourg was again organised with the possibility for Members to vote remotely. Parliament debated a number of Council and European Commission statements, including on: coordination of Member States' coronavirus measures; police violence against Roma people; preparation of the 12th World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference; state of the Energy Union; a European action plan against rare diseases; and on international ...

Strategic Compass: Towards adoption

Rövid áttekintés 26-11-2021

On 15 November 2021, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the Commission (HR/VP) Josep Borrell presented the draft European Union (EU) 'Strategic Compass'. Amidst geopolitical competition, rising threats, accelerated technological development, climate crisis and global instability, the compass aims to facilitate a 'common sense of purpose' in Union security and defence, strengthen action, deepen partnerships, and stimulate innovation. On 30 November ...

This At a glance note summarises the study on Relaunching transport and tourism in the EU after COVID-19: Tourism sector

This At a glance note summarises the study on Alternative fuels infrastructure for heavy-duty vehicles.

COP26 climate change conference: Outcomes

Rövid áttekintés 22-11-2021

Following prolonged talks, the 26th Conference of the Parties ended late on 13 November 2021. With countries' nationally determined contributions (NDC) ahead of the event leading to an estimated 2.7°C warming towards the end of the century, the host, the United Kingdom, set the goal to keep a limit of 1.5°C warming within reach.

Adoption of the European Union's 2022 Budget

Rövid áttekintés 19-11-2021

During the November II plenary session, the European Parliament is due to adopt the European Union's general budget for 2022. In practice, Parliament will vote on the provisional agreement reached on 15 November 2021 during the budgetary conciliation between Parliament and the Council. If agreed, commitment appropriations for 2022 will amount to €169.5 billion and payments to €170.6 billion. The negotiations also reached agreement on Amending Letter No 1 to the 2022 budget (AL 1/2022) and draft amending ...

The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention) is the first instrument in Europe to set legally binding standards specifically to prevent gender-based violence, protect victims of violence and punish perpetrators. EU accession to the Istanbul Convention is one of the priorities in the EU 2020-2025 gender equality strategy. The EU signed the Convention in June 2017. Accession now requires a Council Decision and prior ...