Trade flows

The 28 Member States of the European Union share a single market, external border and trade policy, speaking with one voice to trade partners around the world. The EU is also the biggest player on the global trading scene with 16.1 % of global trade in goods, services and FDI flows.

EU socioeconomic indicators

EU socioeconomic indicators

Population: Eurostat

GDP (€ million): Eurostat

GDP (€ per inhabitant): Eurostat

Real GDP growth (% change with previous year) Eurostat

Employment (million persons, 20-64 years): Eurostat

Employment (percentage of active population, 20-64 years): Eurostat

Unemployment (1 000 person, 20-64 years): Eurostat

Unemployment (percentage of active population, 20-64 years: Eurostat

Overall EU trade flows

The EU is the biggest trade player in the world, trading both within and outside its borders. Click here to discover how.

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Trade within the EU

See how the EU internal market has boosted trade between Member States, making the EU one of the biggest markets in the world.

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EU trade with the world

Discover how EU trade flows with the world have evolved thanks to the institution of a single trade policy.

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Import & export with EU partners

Learn more about EU trade relations with partners around the globe.

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All the data in this infographic was downloaded in March 2017. The third countries analysed in the infographic were selected on the basis of existing EPRS publications. In the coming months, the EPRS plans to add new countries to this list.