World Bank support for investment in EU and Western Balkan transport

Briefing 01-10-2018

Over the six decades during which the World Bank has been active in Europe, its engagement has evolved hand in hand with the development of the continent. Initially supporting reconstruction efforts after World War II, it later shifted the focus of its action to development support. In the past, as today, it has provided financing, knowledge and assistance to countries seeking to join the European Union. As a starting point in providing a deeper insight into how the World Bank contributes to the development of European countries today, this briefing first looks at the Bank's complex structure, the functioning of its different parts and the types of investment and assistance it offers its clients. Then, leaving aside the many other areas of the Bank's activity, the focus narrows to its support for transport in the EU and its Western Balkan partners. As the World Bank is one of several international institutions that are active in the Western Balkans, the briefing also looks into how the Bank links with the development-support efforts of the European Commission and the financial landscape of the Western Balkans Investment Framework.