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Policy Roundtables and Book Talks EPRS

EPRS is pleased to welcome Professor Loukas Tsoukalis, Professor at Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po, and Emeritus Professor of the University of Athens, who will talk about his last book 'Europe’s Coming of Age' (2022).

This event will be held in the Library of the European Parliament in Brussels. If you don't have an accreditation or an EU Institutions security badge you can attend the event online. (see link below)

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Kiti renginiai LIBE

The LIBE committee will hear the report of its delegation sent to Belgium (Brussels), France (Calais) and the Netherlands (Ter Apel) from 20 to 22 February 2023.

EFSA study
Seminarai ENVI

Independence and transparency policies of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Last item in the Envi Committee agenda

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Kiti renginiai LIBE

LIBE Members will have the opportunity to hear and discuss with Commission Vice President Schinas and Commissioner Johansson on the work carried out by the European Commission’s Task Force on Migration Management, as well as on the alleged push backs of migrants by the Greek authorities.

EPRS policy talks at lunchtime
Seminarai EPRS

What is the EU doing to prevent and respond to future pandemics?

You are invited to come in the EP new Info Hub - left to the European Parliament' main entrance (Esplanade Solidarność in Brussels) - to have a conversation with Virginia Mahieu, policy expert in the European Parliament Research Service, to learn more on what is the EU doing on this subject.

Please just drop in! No registration is required.

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Klausymai ECON

On Tuesday 30 May 2023, from 14:30 to 16:30, the ECON Committee held a public hearing on " EU Listing Act: Is the EU Listings Regime fit for purpose?".

Seminarai EPRS

You are invited to come to the European Parliament's new Info Hub – to the left of the European Parliament's main entrance (Esplanade Solidarność, Brussels) – to have a conversation with Luisa Antunes, policy expert at the European Parliamentary Research Service, to learn more about EU measures against antibiotic resistance.

European Union and UK
Klausymai AFET

On 25 May 2023, the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on International Trade will hold a hearing on the implementation of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement that has been in force since 1 May 2021. Members will discuss with four expert speakers how unprecedented arrangements with a third country have been implemented so far.


Remiantis Darbo tvarkos taisyklių 193 straipsniu, jei būtina, komitetui leidžiama rengti klausymą konkrečia darbo tema, kuriame kviečiami dalyvauti ekspertai. Du ar keli komitetai gali rengti bendrus klausymus. Dauguma komitetų rengia nuolatinius klausymus, kadangi juose galima sužinoti ekspertų nuomonę ir aptarti pagrindinius klausimus. Šiame puslapyje rasite visą turimą informaciją, susijusią su komitetų klausymais, įskaitant programas, skelbimus ir kalbas.


Praktiniai seminarai, kuriuos rengia teminiai skyriai ir Mokslinio perspektyvų tyrimo skyrius (STOA), administruojami vadovaujantis Finansiniu reglamentu. Jie ne visada vieši, tačiau gali būti rengiami komiteto posėdžio metu.

EPRS apskritojo stalo diskusijos politikos temomis ir pokalbiai apie knygas

EPRS apskritojo stalo diskusijos politikos temomis ir pokalbiai apie knygas

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