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This is a short overview of the Single Supervisory Mechanism Comprehensive Assessment.

This note presents a summary on the current status of the EU economic governance procedures and related relevant information, in view of an Economic Dialogue with the Portuguese Minister of Finance Maria Luís Albuquerque in accordance with Article 2a of the Regulation 1467/97 as amended by Regulation 1177/2011 (Excessive Deficit Procedure) and under Article 14(3) of Regulation 472/2013 (post-programme surveillance).

Vice-President Dombrovskis, Commissioner Moscovici and Commissioner Thyssen have been invited to an Economic Dialogue on the Annual Growth Survey and the Alert Mechanism Report. The European Commission has also published its draft opinions on Euro area Member States’ draft budgetary plans. This Economic Dialogue takes place on the basis of the economic governance framework, notably Article 2-ab of Regulation 1466/97 as amended in 2011.

This compilation of briefings presents the most salient points and essential commitments made by the commissioners-designate during the hearings held in September/October 2014 before the parliamentary committees. These commitments concern the main on-going legislative procedures, the preparation of future legislative proposals as well as the scrutiny of the implementation of existing legislation. They also touch upon the crucial issue of inter-institutional cooperation.

This is note summarises the commitments taken at the hearing of Valdis Dombrovskis.

This is a note prepared in advance of a regular public hearing as referred to in Regulation 1024/2013 and as in line with the Interinstitutional Agreement between the EP and the ECB.

The briefing is drafted in advance of the Economic Dialogue with the President of the Eurogroup, which will take place in ECON on 4 September 2014.

A short overview of the European Semester and the tools to be use in case of a risk for macroeconomic imbalances, a risk for sustainability of public finances or Member States with financial difficulties.

This paper provides an overview of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) and recent developments prior to the hearing with the Chair of the SSM.

This paper summarizes the economic situation relevant for euro adoption in Lithuania.