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Exploration and exploitation of the deep-seas in search of marine minerals and genetic resources have over the past fifteen years received increased attention. Developments in sub-marine technologies, rising raw material prices and scarcity, and advancements in biotechnology, are changing the business-case for further investments in the marineenvironment.This report provides a state-of-play overview on exploring and exploiting deep-sea resources. A Cost-Benefit Analysis identifies the main potentials ...

Shale gas and EU energy security

Briefing 11-12-2014

While the United States has abundant supplies of cheap gas thanks to the 'shale revolution', the EU remains dependent on gas imports. The Ukrainian crisis has given rise to increasing concerns about the security of the EU's gas supply. At the request of the European Council, the European Commission has analysed the situation, and published a European Energy Security Strategy. Among other elements, the strategy focuses on increasing energy production in the EU and diversifying external supplies. This ...

In an intertwined and rapidly changing world, the identification and analysis of major medium- and long-term trends aims to help policy-makers deal with key challenges that the future is likely to bring. Four EU institutions are currently developing a common "European Strategy and Policy Analysis System".

The fundamental requirement for stock assessments is to provide a rational basis for the management of fishery resources. Data-deficient fisheries present a challenge as they only provide a limited basis for management decisions. The nature and extent of data-deficient fisheries in European waters is presented and the assessment and management procedures for data-deficient fisheries in European waters evaluated.