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The European Union and forests

FACT_SHEET 01-06-2017

The European Union (EU) does not have a common forestry policy. A large number of the EU’s policies and initiatives affect forests, however, both in the EU itself and in non-EU countries.

A new impulse for EU forests

Glaustai 20-04-2015

Forests are a valuable asset, serving economic, social and environmental purposes. Forests and wooded land cover over 40% of European Union territory, and represent 5% of the world's forests. The EU is one of the biggest traders and consumers of wood products in the world. In September 2013, the European Commission presented a renewed Forest Strategy to improve the coherence of forest-related measures and allow synergies with other sectors that influence forest management.

Forests and other wooded land cover over 40% of the land area in the European Union (EU). The forests in the EU belong to many different bioclimatic zones and have adapted to a variety of natural conditions. About 60% of the wooded land in the EU is privately owned. Expansion of the EU’s forest area currently exceeds the loss of forest land. This positive development sets the EU apart from the rest of the world, where deforestation continues to reduce forest area.