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The briefing first describes the evolution of the Basel framework since the first standards were enacted, and describes the ongoing revisions of the Basel III framework. Finally the main findings of different impact assessments are reminded, as well as the different positions of various stakeholders. This is regularly updated.

The briefing first describes This briefing is prepared in view of the visit of the FSB Secretary General to the Banking Union Working Group on 24 October 2017.

This briefing provides an overview of the economic situation in Greece and the main elements of the third financial assistance programme. This briefing is regularly updated (this version replaces the version published on 22 June 2017).

This document provides a short overview of the on-going debate aimed at enhancing resilience and improving the governance in the euro area. It proposes a simple reading grid for analysing the various proposals/options to enhance the economic governance in EMU. The annexes include an overview of Eurozone scrutiny activities of the European Parliament, as well as of state-of-play of the short-term measures included in the Five Presidents’ report. This document is an update of a previous version published ...

The briefing summarises selected issues related to ECB direct banking supervision for a Banking Union Working group meeting.

This note provides a summary of 4 expert papers assessing the role of precautionary recapitalisation in the Banking Union.

The resolution of Banco Popular

Briefing 28-08-2017

This briefing focusses on the resolution of Banco Popular by the Single Resolution Board.

This briefing focusses on the failure of two Italian banks, Veneto Banca and Banca Popolare di Vicenza (hereunder “the Veneto banks”), and their subsequent liquidation through a special insolvency procedure under Italian law.

This briefing presents the state of play of non-performing loans (NPL) in the euro area, and provides an overview of the various measures implemented across Member States to facilitate their resolution. It also touches upon on-going initiatives at EU level and the debate in the public domain on the suitability of an EU-wide bad bank.

This briefing focuses on the banking recommendations addressed by the Council to individual Member States within the framework of the European Semester over the past years. It takes a rather broad approach and covers all recommendations targeting individual Member States’ banking sectors from a financial stability perspective or in respect of the financing of their economies and access to finance. It takes stock of these banking relevant country specific recommendations issued since 2011, looks in ...