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14-06-2021 13:45 - AIDA-AGRI Public Hearing on AI, Agriculture and Food Security

Uzklausīšana - AIDA AGRI
AI, Agriculture and Food Security

On Monday 14 June 2021, AIDA in association with the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) will organise a joint hearing on the future of agriculture and food security in the digital age. The hearing addresses the important topic of the impact of technological applications on agriculture and farming practices, and the challenges of regulating AI for a more sustainable and innovative Common Agricultural Policy.

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The first panel organised by AGRI will focus on how AI can contribute to a greener, smarter and technologically advanced agriculture. The second panel, organised by AIDA, will discuss how AI can be used for agricultural development and ensuring food security.

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 11-06-2021

    Presentation by Dr. J. (Sjaak) Wolfert

15-06-2021 09:00 - Public Hearing on "Various aspects of women in poverty following the COVID impact"

Uzklausīšana - FEMM
Various aspects of women in poverty
following the COVID impact

On Tuesday 15 June 2021 between 16h45-17h45 the FEMM Committee will organise a hearing entitled “Various aspects of women in poverty following the COVID impact”.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated economic crisis have impacted women differently than men in the EU. The effects of the COVID-19 crisis are putting in jeopardy the progress achieved in the past decades in terms on the reduction of gender inequalities. The objective of this hearing is to analyse the main elements and causes of women's poverty in Europe and in third countries. The event also wants to discuss which the main drivers of poverty are, what the socio-economic situation of women in Europe is and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted it.

The outcome of the hearing will feed the incoming FEMM own-initiative report on 'Women's poverty in Europe'.

Atrašanās vietu: European Parliament Brussels & remotely
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 10-06-2021

    Draft programme
    Survey: "Halting Lives - The impact of Covid-19 on girls and young women"
    Study: "Halting Lives 2 - In their own voice: girls and young women on the impact of Covid-19"

15-06-2021 10:00 - Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions: Some Examples of Success

Darbseminārs - BUDG
Hand with drawings that represent ideas

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

Following on from a recent study looking at all pilot projects and preparatory actions adopted between 2014 and 2019, this workshop will home in on four successful preparatory actions - the Cross-border investigative journalism fund (IJ4EU), Exchanges and mobility in sport, Support for coal and carbon-intensive regions in transition and the Child guarantee scheme. By examining with Commission experts and teams behind project delivery how the preparatory actions identified policy or legislative gaps and helped pave the way for new policies or programmes, the workshop will seek to identify factors for successful PPPAs.

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 08-06-2021

    Study on Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions in the EU Budget 2014 - 2019

15-06-2021 10:35 - Diverse, local, indigenous: Pathways for food security and conservation

Cits pasākums - DEVE
Happy African farmer

On Tuesday 15 June 2021 from 10:35 – 11:35, the Committee on Development (DEVE) is organising a High-Level panel on food security and biodiversity entitled "Diverse, local, indigenous: Pathways for food security and conservation" within the framework of the European Development Days (EDDs).

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

  • Mr Charles Goerens, Member of the Committee on Development, European Parliament
  • Mr Marc Tarabella, Member of the Committee on Development, European Parliament
  • Ms Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, President of the Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad, member of the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee and a UN Sustainable Development Goal Advocate
  • Ms Jocelyn G. Brown Hall, FAO Deputy Representative for Africa
  • Ms Nachilala Nkombo, Zambia Country Director, WWF
  • Ms Sherine Omondi, Programme Coordinator at K-SAMMIT in Kenya and participant of the EDD Young Leaders Programme

It will be moderated by Ms Susan Dabbous, freelance journalist.

Join the online event and debate from 10.35-11.35 (CET). Interpretation will be provided in English and French.

Registration, via the website is mandatory to follow the event.

Atrašanās vietu: Remote via
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 04-06-2021

15-06-2021 13:45 - Hearing on "How history, culture and education can help counter disinformation"

Uzklausīšana - INGE CULT
Empty frame on the wall. The painting is missing.

In association with the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT), INGE will hold a hearing on the role of history, culture and education to combat disinformation.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

In association with the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT), INGE will hold a hearing on the role of history, culture and education to combat disinformation. The experts invited to exchange views with are :
  • Alain Lamassoure, Chair of the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe
  • Nina Jankowicz, Global Fellow at Wilson Center, Science and Technology Innovation Program, Kennan Institute
  • Michael Butter, Professor of American Literary and cultural History at the University of Tübingen

Atrašanās vietu: ASP-3E2
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 11-06-2021


15-06-2021 14:00 - Key Enabling Technologies for Europe’s technological sovereignty (online event)

Cits pasākums - STOA
European Union flag in the center of a circuit board. Concept of leadership in technology, artificial intelligence or digital cryptocurrencies.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

Technological sovereignty has been at the heart of recent political debates in the EU. Attention to it has only been strengthened by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis due to the impacts on many value chains. Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) - advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, life-science technologies, micro/nano-electronics and photonics, artificial intelligence, and security and connectivity technologies - are crucial for an interconnected, digitalised, resilient and healthier European society, important for the EU's competitiveness and position in the global economy. How is the EU performing in developing and protecting ownership and know-how in these critical technologies, especially in comparison with strong global players such as China and the US? This STOA events aims at providing answers to these questions and discuss policy options to strengthen the EU's technological sovereignty in these critical technologies.



14:00-14:05 - Welcome and introduction

Ivars IJABS, MEP, Second STOA Vice-Chair

14:05-14:20 - Presentation of the STOA study 'Key Enabling Technologies for Europe's technological sovereignty'


14:20-14:30 - Technological Sovereignty and the Challenge of Supply for the EU

Daniel FIOTT, EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS), Brussels

14:30-14:55 - Discussion

14:55-15:00 - Closing remarks

Ivars IJABS, MEP, Second STOA Vice-Chair

The event will be held in English only, without interpretation.

The event will be webstreamed, link is published below.

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 10-06-2021

15-06-2021 14:45 - Legislative Power in the EU

Uzklausīšana - AFCO
Legislative priorities illustration_

As the committee responsible for shaping the role of the European Parliament in the EU legislative process in order to make it more democratic and transparent, AFCO regularly discusses and proposes ways of enhancing Parliament's legislative powers. During this hearing, AFCO members will reflect on the various elements making up the current legislative process in the EU and on means for improving it.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

Among the issues that AFCO members will debate are Parliament's right of initiative, 'passerelle' clauses for extending the application of the ordinary legislative procedure and qualified majority voting, the level of transparency in the Council's working methods as legislator, the functioning of the different types of legislative procedures and the idea of having an upper and a lower chamber.
The following academic experts have been invited to contribute to the discussion:
  • Prof. René Repasi, Professor of International and European Union Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Prof. Sara Hagemann, Associate Professor in European Politics at London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Prof. Andreas Maurer, Jean Monnet Chair for EU Integration Studies, Professor for Political Science and European Integrations Studies at University of Innsbruck.
The hearing will be webstreamed.

Atrašanās vietu: Altiero Spinelli 3G-3
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 04-06-2021

15-06-2021 16:45 - The statute and funding of European political parties and political foundations

Uzklausīšana - AFCO
Europe has faced major challenges over the past six months but is looking forward and investing in long-term solutions. To tackle the fallout of Covid-19, the EU released unprecedented funds to support people, jobs and research. To face the climate emergency, Parliament continued its fight for greener politics and more ambitious goals.

Before the end of 2021, Parliament is to adopt a report on the application so far, of Regulation No. 1141/2014 on the statute and funding of European political parties and European political foundations. AFCO is the lead committee and the hearing is intended to facilitate the committee's analysis of how the regulation is being applied and which improvements could be made. The rapporteurs for the draft report are Mr. R. Wieland (PPE) and Mr. C. Goerens (Renew).

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

European political parties and political foundations can significantly enhance the European dimension in the political debate among citizens, thereby strengthening the democratic legitimacy of the Union. Regulation No 1141/2014, gives political parties and foundations that meet several conditions the opportunity to become European legal entities and consequently, to have access to funding from the EU budget.

Continuing from the discussion of 25 May with invited academic experts, members will have another exchange of views, this time with representatives of the ten registered European political parties, as well as with the Director of the Authority for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations. High level officials from Parliament's administration will also be contributing to the discussion.

The public hearing will be webstreamed.

Atrašanās vietu: Altiero Spinelli 3G-3 + Interactio
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 08-06-2021

15-06-2021 16:45 - Exchange of views on "The Generation Equality Forum, Paris"

Cits pasākums - FEMM
Women standing and smiling

On Tuesday 15 June 2021 between 16h45-17h45 the FEMM committee will hold an exchange of views on “The Generation Equality Forum, Paris“.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

The Generation Equality Forum is a civil-society centred, global gathering for gender equality convened by UN Women and co-hosted by the governments of Mexico and France. Parliament will send one delegation to the Paris Forum (30 June - 2 July 2021).

Attended by Heads of State, the Paris Forum will convene governments, international organizations, civil society, youth, the private sector and activists from the entire world to make concrete, ambitious and sustainable commitments towards achieving gender equality. The Forum will also galvanize a multi-stakeholder ecosystem to advance gender equality ensuring sustainability and accountability.

Members will debate expectations with Élisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, France; Helena Dalli, Commissioner for Equality; and representatives from Mexico and UN Women.

Atrašanās vietu: European Parliament & remotely
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 10-06-2021

    Draft programme

16-06-2021 09:00 - Public hearing on “Future of EU-UK fisheries relations after Brexit”

Uzklausīšana - PECH
Paper ships made as European Union and British flags sailing side by side in the water

The UK has now become the EU’s most important partner in fisheries, with a large number of jointly managed fish stocks and a large EEZ in which a sizeable part of the EU fleet has been fishing. The TCA preserves the possibility for the EU fleet to access UK waters, while accepting a medium-term loss of 25% of the value of historic fishing rights held there.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

EU fishers and the fishing sector as a whole complain that TCA transposition is lagging behind due to UK sub-optimal cooperation and unilateral actions on licencing, technical measures etc. This public hearing aims to provide an early assessment of how the agreement is being implemented, how it affects EU-UK fisheries relations, and how it should be monitored.

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 11-06-2021

    Draft programme

16-06-2021 10:00 - FISC meets with Finance Committee of the Assemblée nationale

Cits pasākums - FISC
FISC Subcommittee

On 16 June 2021, FISC Members will have an exchange of views on the reform of the international tax system and the EU’s digital levy with Members of the Finance Committee of the French national parliament

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

Two sessions will provide the opportunity to representatives of political groups from both the Assemblée nationale and the European Parliament to present their views on the reform of the international tax system based on the OECD's Base-Erosion and Profit-Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan and the expectations regarding the planned EU digital levy.

Discussions will be based on the European Parliament INI report on "Digital taxation: OECD negotiations, tax residency of digital companies and a possible European Digital Tax" by the rapporteurs Andreas Schwab and Martin Hlaváček and on the report by the Assemblée nationale on the corporate international tax evasion by the rapporteur Bénédicte Peyrol.

The meeting takes place in the context of the FISC Subcommittee's ambition to enhance the cooperation and interaction between the European Parliament and national parliaments in the area of taxation.

Atrašanās vietu: József Antall (JAN) 4Q1 and visio conference
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 02-06-2021

    Report by the Assemblée nationale on the corporate international tax evasion by the rapporteur Bénédicte Peyrol
    INI report on "Digital taxation: OECD negotiations, tax residency of digital companies and a possible European Digital Tax" by the rapporteurs Andreas Schwab and Martin Hlaváček

16-06-2021 10:00 - Joint Hearing on "How to treat farmers in a fair and equal manner across the EU"

Uzklausīšana - PETI AGRI
symbol of Euro with a farm field in the background

On 16 June 2021, the PETI and AGRI Committees will organise a joint hearing on How to treat farmers in a fair and equal manner across the EU. The hearing will begin presenting two petitions from Lithuania and Poland complaining about the fact that farmers still receive direct payments per hectare below the EU average. It will be structured in two panels; the first panel will discuss the currently on-going CAP reform; the second panel will deal with how to solve inequality in CAP payments.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

The European Commission will also take part in the debate, giving participants the opportunity to discuss ways to improve this situation for the benefit of the citizens.

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 11-06-2021


16-06-2021 16:45 - New European Bauhaus initiative

Uzklausīšana - ITRE CULT
Minimalist drawing by a black line of a group of people talking with a comic balloon, and a wood and a village on the background

On Wednesday, 16 June 2021 (16:45-18:45), ITRE and CULT Committees will hold a joint-public hearing on the New European Bauhaus (NEB), a Commission’s interdisciplinary initiative which helps to deliver the European Green Deal by combining design, sustainability and accessibility while fostering building energy efficiency.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

Local communities, who are the depositories of local traditions and cultures, should be also involved in the design and planning phases of construction and renovation projects. In this regard, NEB represents an opportunity to preserve local cultural heritage by renovating it in a sustainable way. Members will exchange with experts from the public and private sectors on how to transform a built environment to make it more beautiful, sustainable and affordable. Speakers' background will enable a lively discussion on the environmental, social and cultural dimensions laying with the New European Bauhaus initiative.

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 10-06-2021

17-06-2021 13:00 - EPRS online policy roundtable: Peace and security in the world today [...]

Cits pasākums - EPRS
EPRS online event

Full title: Peace and security in the world today: What difference is Europe making and how to make its impact even bigger?

In a strategic environment characterised by growing geopolitical power competition - and whose pressure-points have been harshly exposed by the current coronavirus pandemic - the EU stands out through its general approach to peace, security and defence. [...]

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

[...] This EPRS policy roundtable aims to take stock of the significant patterns and events affecting peace and security in 2021 and to address the EU's current and future responses to promote peace and strengthen its role as a security provider. It takes as its starting-point the 2021 edition of the EPRS's annual 'Peace and Security Outlook', looking at geopolitical trends and expectations as the pandemic hopefully edges closer to an end. The Chair of the EP Foreign Affairs Committee, David McAllister, will open an event in which a panel of distinguished experts review the current scene.

No need to register.

Atrašanās vietu: Live event via the WebEx Events platform
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 10-06-2021

22-06-2021 09:15 - AFCO ICM on the Reform of European Electoral Law & Parliament's Right of Inquiry

Cits pasākums - AFCO

AFCO, in cooperation with the Legislative Dialogue Unit of the Directorate for Relations with national Parliaments, is inviting Members of national Parliaments of the EU Member States to attend a virtual Interparliamentary Committee Meeting (ICM) to exchange views and reflect on the European electoral law and on the provisions governing the right of inquiry.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

Despite the possibility of developing a uniform E.U. electoral process enshrined in the Treaties, elections to the E.P. are still mostly governed by national laws. AFCO is working on a legislative initiative report on the reform of the European Electoral Law (Rapporteur: Mr. Ruiz Devesa (S&D)). This aims to amend the EU electoral law so as to enhance the European & democratic dimensions of European elections. This ICM will provide a forum for a valuable exchange of views & knowledge in the context of this procedure, in which national parliaments will be called to play a crucial role.

The second panel will focus on the Right of Inquiry. One of the E.P.'s main tools of political control regarding the implementation of EU law is its capacity to establish committees of inquiry. The discussion with Members of national Parliaments will allow an exchange on their extensive experience in this matter, which is of great value to the E.P. in view of determining the best way ahead.

Atrašanās vietu: József Antall (2Q2)
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 08-06-2021

23-06-2021 16:00 - EPRS online Book Talk: Can we ‘future-proof’ EU policy-making? [...]

Cits pasākums - EPRS

Full title: Can we ‘future-proof’ EU policy-making? Foresight and bias-awareness in policy advice

More information about this event will be soon published.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

No need to register.

Atrašanās vietu: Live event through the Webex Events platform
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 04-06-2021


Saskaņā ar Reglamenta 193. pantu komiteja var organizēt ekspertu uzklausīšanas, ja atzīst to par svarīgu darbam ar konkrēto jautājumu. Uzklausīšanas var kopīgi organizēt arī divas vai vairākas komitejas. Vairums komiteju organizē regulāras uzklausīšanas, jo tā var uzklausīt ekspertu viedokli un apspriest svarīgākos jautājumus. Šajā lappusē var atrast visu informāciju, kas pieejama par komiteju rīkotajām uzklausīšanām, tostarp programmas, plakātus un runātāju iesūtītos materiālus.


Seminārus rīko dažādu politikas jomu departamenti, un to administratīvā pārvaldība notiek saskaņā ar Finanšu regulu. Tie var nebūt atklāti un var notikt komitejas sanāksmes laikā.

Semināru laikā deputāti var uzdot jautājumus ekspertiem un ar viņiem kopā apspriest tēmas, kas saistītas ar Parlamenta darbu, vai vispārējas intereses jautājumus.

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