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30-11-2020 13:30 - EPRS online Book Talk | How to own the room (and the zoom) [...]

Cits pasākums - EPRS
Online Book Talk on 30 November 2020

Full title: How to own the room (and the zoom) - Women as great public speakers, past, present and future

Best-seller author and host of the podcast 'How to own the room: Women and the art of brilliant speaking', Viv Groskop will talk about her recent book, which explores ‘the presence, performance and authenticity of recent history’s great women speakers’ - from Virginia Wolff to Christine Lagarde. […]

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[...] Groskop offers advice on finding confidence and projecting authority in effective public speaking, and explains what 'owning the room' means - and how to 'own the zoom'.

Atrašanās vietu: Live event through the WebEx platform
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 26-11-2020

30-11-2020 13:50 - Hearing on Future-proofing the Tourism Sector: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Uzklausīšana - TRAN
Snow covered mountain. Forest. Green lake. Woman enjoying freedom on nature outdoors.

Tourism has been high on the TRAN committee’s agenda, with Members actively involved in an ongoing dialogue on sustainable recovery. TRAN also looks towards the future, bearing the strategic orientations of tomorrow’s tourism in mind, and as part of this effort will hold a public hearing on "Future-proofing the Tourism Sector: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead".

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This hearing will be devoted to two aspects of future tourism policy: planning the future for the industry: towards an EU tourism policy and transition to sustainable, responsible and smart tourism: enabling the future through innovation.

Invited experts from the industry will be contributing their views to stimulate a hopefully fruitful dialogue with the Members. The hearing will be webstreamed.

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 26-11-2020

30-11-2020 14:15 - LIBE - FEMM Joint Hearing: Combating Gender based Violence: Cyber Violence

Uzklausīšana - FEMM LIBE
Teenage girl suffering from cyber bullying, cyber violence, online hate

The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) and the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) are holding a joint hearing “Combating Gender based Violence: Cyber Violence” on 30 November 2020.

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The objective of the hearing is to obtain an important input from relevant experts for the joint LIBE-FEMM legislative initiative draft report, which will focus on combating cyber violence as an expression of gender based violence, with specific attention to violence against women.
The organisation of such a hearing is of particular relevance in light of the current crisis, which has led to the confinement of millions of individuals in the EU with, as a consequence, an increased use of the Internet, and an increased risk of cyber violence, especially against women and girls. The hearing is set to take place in the UN's 16 days of activism against gender-based violence (November 25 to December 10).
Invited speakers:

  • Catherine DE BOLLE, Executive Director of Europol;
  • Clara SOMMIER, Public policy manager, YouTube
  • Ingrid BRODNIG, Journalist, author
  • Cecilia MWENDE MAUNDU, Journalist and specialist in gender digital safety

Atrašanās vietu: ANTALL 6Q2 & with remote participation
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 27-11-2020

    Draft Programme
    Hearing Poster

01-12-2020 09:00 - FISC Public Hearing on 1st December 2020

Uzklausīšana - FISC
Subcommittee on Tax Matters

On 1 December, the Subcommittee on Tax Matters will hold a public hearing on ""Do harmful tax practices within and outside the EU create distortions of competition in the Single Market?”.

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FISC Members will exchange of views with:
  • Prof. Mario Monti, former EU Commissioner for Taxation,
  • Dr. Martjn Nouwen, Director of the Institute for Tax Transparency at the University of Amsterdam,
  • Prof. Liza Lovdahl-Gormsen, British Institute of International and Comparative Law and Senior Research Fellow in Competition Law,
  • Dr. Irma Mosquera Valderrama, Associate Professor of Tax Law at Leiden,
  • Dr. Petr Jansky Associate Professor of Economics at Charles University
In a first panel discussion, FISC Members and experts will discuss the existence of current harmful tax practices outside the EU and how the existing tools could be improved to eliminate them. The debate will then focus on what extent harmful tax practices within the EU create distortions of competition in the Single Market and which legislative (including possibly Article 116 TFEU) or non-legislative tools could be used to tackle them.

Atrašanās vietu: Public hearing held by remote participation
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 25-11-2020

    Draft programme of the hearing
    Poster of the hearing

01-12-2020 14:15 - Inter-parliamentary Committee meeting on the Evaluation of Eurojust Activities

Cits pasākums - LIBE
Interparliamentary meeting on the Evaluation of Eurojust's activities

The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs with the support of the Directorate for relations with National Parliaments organises an Inter-parliamentary Committee meeting (ICM) on "The Evaluation of Eurojust Activities". The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 1 December 2020, from 14.15-15.45 and 16.45 to 18.45, via remote participation.

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This inter-parliamentary committee meeting will be dedicated to a first assessment of Eurojust activities by the European Parliament and national parliaments in accordance with Article 85 TFEU and Regulation 2018/1727. The meeting envisages, inter alia, the participation of the President and Vice President of Eurojust, the relevant Commissioner, representative of EPPO, etc.

Atrašanās vietu: European Parliament, remote participation
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 27-11-2020

02-12-2020 09:00 - Public Hearing on AI and Health

Uzklausīšana - AIDA
AIDA Hearing on "AI and Health"

On Wednesday, 2 December, AIDA Special Committee will organise a remote Hearing on "AI and Health". The event will include two panels. The first panel will focus on digital governance with the participation of the Minister of Digital Governance of Greece, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, as well as the Head of Unit Public Health Functions, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Vicky Lefevre and Deputy Director General of DG-SANTE, Claire Bury.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

The second panel will feature the participation of representatives of the industry, civil society and academia and will focus on uses of AI in the health sector and current challenges and opportunities.

Atrašanās vietu: Remote participation
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 27-11-2020

    Draft Programme
    Experts Bios

02-12-2020 09:00 - Facilitating a healthy lifestyle: how to reduce cancer related lifestyle risk factors

Uzklausīšana - BECA
Illustrations depicting a healthy lifestyle

On Wednesday 2 December from 9.00 - 12.00 the BECA committee will hear from seven leading specialists in cancer prevention about the most common causes of cancer related to lifestyle such as tobacco - and alcohol use, nutrition and physical activity, and discuss prevention strategies.

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Up to 40 % of all cancer cases are preventable through coordinated actions on individual, social, environmental and commercial health determinants.
Adopting a healthy lifestyle: a healthier diet, more exercise and maintaining a healthy weight - besides not smoking or quitting - are important factors to reduce the risk of cancer.

The hearing consists of two parts:
Part 1: Lifestyle risk factors for cancer: Tobacco, alcohol and nutrition.
Part 2: Prevention of cancer: vaccination and risks of UV exposure.

The invited experts will participate remotely and will give an overview of the state of play as regards lifestyle risk factors for cancer.

The forthcoming BECA hearing on 11 December will address the environmental factors which can cause cancer, such as pollution in the air, water, food and soil and exposure to chemicals including dangerous and carcinogenic substances.

Atrašanās vietu: Public Hearing in the European Parliament, Brussels ANTALL 4Q1 and with remote participation
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 27-11-2020

    Draft programme
    Biography Dr. Chilingirova
    Biography Professor Mons
    Biography Ms Skar
    Biography Dr. Ferreira-Borges
    Biography Professor Rutkowski
    Biography Professor Kelly
    Presentation Ms Skar - Eurocare

02-12-2020 13:45 - Western Balkans and Belarus - Interparliamentary Committee Meeting

Cits pasākums - AFET
Interparliamentary Committee Meeting

On 2 December the Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET) will hold an Interparliamentary Committee Meeting (ICM) with national parliaments in two sessions. The meeting is scheduled from 13.45 to 15.45 and 16.45 to 18.45, via remote participation.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

The first one will be devoted to the situation in the Western Balkans in the perspective of 25 years after the Dayton Accords, and the second one to Belarus and the EU response in support of democratic change in the country. Members of the AFET Committee and national parliaments, as well as those from the Western Balkans will debate in a remote meeting with high-level speakers and experts.

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 27-11-2020

02-12-2020 13:45 - Improving the accountability of the ECB: public hearing

Uzklausīšana - ECON
Building icon with inscription ECB and flag of The European Union over financial background.

On 2 December 2020 from 13:45 to 15:45 the ECON Committee will organise a public hearing on "Improving the Accountability of the European Central Bank".

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

The purpose of the hearing is to receive information from experts on the accountability concerning the impact of ECB policies in the euro area and on the experience with central bank accountability in Member States and third countries, including the impact of Parliaments on the respective national central banks.

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 24-11-2020

    Public Hearing Programme

02-12-2020 14:30 - EPRS online event: How the EU political system is changing [...]

Cits pasākums - EPRS
EPRS online event 2 December

Full title: How the EU political system is changing: New institutional dynamics since 2019

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

No registration needed.

Atrašanās vietu: Live event via the WebEx Events platform
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 27-11-2020

02-12-2020 16:50 - The education package: aims, challenges and prospects for success

Uzklausīšana - CULT
Poster for a Public hearing on Education package

On 2 December 2020, from 16.50 to 18.45, the Committee on Culture and Education will hold a public hearing on "The education package: aims, challenges and prospects for success". The hearing represents an opportunity for the CULT Committee to engage with stakeholders and experts in dissecting the 'education package' published by the Commission on 30 September.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

The hearing will feed two reports the committee is currently working on, which deal with the two strands of the 'education package' - 'Shaping Digital Education Policy', which examines the extent to which the revised Digital Education Action Plan responds to the digital education policy needs, and 'The European Education Area: a shared holistic approach to education, skills and competences'. The hearing will be organised in three panels dealing with the first setting the scene of the education package and the other two dealing with the specific strands of the Digital Education Action Plan and the European Education Area.

Atrašanās vietu: REMOTE CONNECTION
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 24-11-2020

    Draft programme - Public hearing on Education package

07-12-2020 10:00 - Health and environmental impacts of 5G

Darbseminārs - STOA
3D Illustration. Background from triangles connecting dots and lines.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

The imminent introduction of 5G across the EU is expected to bring new opportunities for citizens and businesses, through faster browsing, streaming, downloading, as well as better connectivity - a new stage in the evolution of our increasingly interconnected world. 5G wireless communication offers numerous advantages, for instance to medical research, which will benefit from having such extremely high gigabit connectivity. 5G is the foundation technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), where machines will communicate with each other. However, 5G may also bring new threats to human and animal health and to the environment.

In order to discuss these issues, the STOA Panel is organising this virtual workshop. The workshop will be structured around three main questions, which the panellists have been asked to address:

Q1. Is the 2020 International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) risk assessment of the health and environmental effects of electromagnetic fields, sufficiently robust and reliable for protective policymaking?

Q2. Are the ICNIRP recommended exposure limits for electromagnetic fields, which are based mainly on short term tissue heating effects, sufficiently protective to avoid harm from lower level, longer term exposures that are below the ICNIRP limits.

Q3. Is there enough independent research into the health and environmental effects of 5G, which would help to reassure the public and help minimise future liabilities?



- Michèle Rivasi, MEP and STOA Panel Member

- Ivo Hristov, MEP and STOA Panel Member

10:05-11:05 - HEALTH IMPACT OF 5G

- Fiorella Belpoggi, Ramazzini Institute, Bologna, Italy

- Elisabeth Cardis, Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Spain

- Rodney Croft, International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)

- Franz Karcher, DG Sante, European Commission


- Arno Thielens, Ghent University - imec, Ghent, Belgium

- Gerard Ledoigt, Clermont Université, Clermont-Ferrand, France


- Q&A from the audience

- Ivo Hristov, MEP and STOA Panel Member

- Michèle Rivasi, MEP and STOA Panel Member

Moderator: David Gee, Institute of Environment, Health, and Societies, Brunel University, London, UK

The information on how to join and follow the event will be available closer to the event date.

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 27-11-2020


07-12-2020 14:00 - Public Hearing on Women's Rights Defenders

Uzklausīšana - FEMM
Women's Rights Defenders

On 7 December 2020, between 14.00 - 15.00, the FEMM Committee will hold a Public Hearing on "Women’s Rights Defenders (WRD) - EU’s role to combat the increasing attacks against WRD and women’s rights"

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

The hearing aims to discuss the situation of Women's Rights Defenders by assessing the EU existing frameworks and instruments that protect Human Rights Defenders in order to ensure the inclusion of a gender perspective. The specific challenges and risks faced by Women's Rights Defenders will be given due consideration.

Invited speakers:

  • Nana Namata Annette Mwafrika Mbarikiwa - activist from Uganda
  • Claire Ivers - Head of the EU Office at Front Line Defenders
  • Mary Lawlor - United Nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 25-11-2020

    Hearing - Poster
    Hearing - Draft Programme

08-12-2020 17:00 - EPRS online policy roundtable: Towards European economic recovery [...]

Cits pasākums - EPRS

Full title: Towards European economic recovery: How big and how quick a rebound will we see in 2021?

Online policy roundtable with partner: International Monetary Fund. Presentation by Alfred KAMMER, Director for Europe of the IMF’s Regional Economic Outlook for Europe, then discussion with external guests, Cinzia ALCIDI, Director of research, CEPS.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

No registration needed.

Atrašanās vietu: Live event via the WebEx Events platform
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 26-11-2020

09-12-2020 15:00 - Digital human rights and the future of democracy: Lessons from the pandemic

Cits pasākums - STOA
STOA Annual Lecture

Online event

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

This year, STOA's Annual Lecture will focus on the disruptive effects of the digital revolution upon democracy and the protection of civil liberties and human rights in the context of the current pandemic. It will examine the impacts of digital technology on democratic decision-making and the notion of democratic citizenship. The Annual Lecture 2020, chaired by STOA Chair Eva KAILI (S&D, Greece), will investigate the challenges associated with the growing datafication of our societies and the need to reclaim data sovereignty in the era of artificial intelligence.

Following the opening remarks of the STOA Chair, the European Commission Vice-President for the European Way of Life, Margaritis SCHINAS, will deliver an introductory speech on the subject of the event. The keynote lecture will be delivered by Shoshana ZUBOFF, Charles Edward Wilson Professor Emerita of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and award-winning author of 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism'. Professor ZUBOFF is a world-class thinker whose research is focused on the contested digital transition, its relationship to the future of capitalism, and the consequences for individuals and society.

Her keynote speech will be followed by a panel discussion on various aspects of key new technologies, with the participation of Members of the European Parliament and two eminent experts: Fredrik HEINTZ, Associate professor of Computer Science at Linköping University, Sweden and President of the Swedish AI Society, and Karen YEUNG, Professor of Law, Ethics and Informatics, Birmingham Law School and School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK. An online public debate will close the event.

'Our digital century was to have been democracy's Golden Age. Instead, we enter its third decade marked by extreme asymmetries of knowledge and the power that accrues to such knowledge, as surveillance capitalism seizes control of information and learning itself. Today the unaccountable power of the tech companies threatens to remake society as it unmakes democracy, exposing a void where democratic power should be and alerting us to our historical condition: We march naked into the digital century without the charters of rights, legal frameworks, regulatory paradigms, and institutions necessary to ensure a digital future that is compatible with democracy. If digital technologies are to advance the aspirations of a democratic people in our time, then we must invent the laws and institutions that will make it so.'

- Shoshana Zuboff, author, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, Professor emerita, Harvard Business School

Draft Agenda

  • 15:00-15:10, Opening remarks, Eva KAILI, STOA Chair
  • 15:10-15:25, Margaritis SCHINAS, European Commission Vice-President for Promoting the European Way of Life
  • 15:25-15:55, Keynote speech, Professor Shoshana ZUBOFF
  • 15:55-16:25, Discussion with experts, Members of the European Parliament and the public, including:

Fredrik HEINTZ, Associate professor of Computer Science at Linköping University, Sweden; President of Swedish AI Society, Director of Graduate School of Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software (WASP)

Karen YEUNG, Professor of Law, Ethics and Informatics, Birmingham Law School and School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • 16:25-16:30, Closing remarks, Eva KAILI, STOA Chair

Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 26-11-2020

10-12-2020 17:30 - EPRS online policy roundtable: What will think tanks take away from 2020?

Cits pasākums - EPRS

Full title: Beyond the coronavirus crisis: What will think tanks take away from 2020?

Further information about this online event will be soon published.

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

No need for registration. The link to join the event will be published in due time.

Atrašanās vietu: Live event via the WebEx Events platform
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 26-11-2020

16-12-2020 14:00 - EPRS online Book Talk | The story of the EU Global Strategy [...]

Cits pasākums - EPRS
Online Book Talk on 16 December 2020

Full title: The story of the EU Global Strategy - Defining the principles and priorities of Europe’s foreign policy

Dr Nathalie Tocci of the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), who worked with HR/VP Federica Mogherini in drafting the latest EU Global Strategy in June 2016, will talk about her recent book on the process. Entitled Framing the EU Global Strategy: A Stronger Europe in a Fragile World, Tocci’s book explains the origins and substance of the strategy, […]

Rādīt sīkāku informāciju

[...] and offers a behind-the-scenes portrait of the players involved and the choices they made in seeking to define the principles and policies that encapsulate the Union's world view.
No registration needed.

Atrašanās vietu: Live event through the WebEx platform
Pēdējā atjaunošana -: 26-11-2020


Saskaņā ar Reglamenta 193. pantu komiteja var organizēt ekspertu uzklausīšanas, ja atzīst to par svarīgu darbam ar konkrēto jautājumu. Uzklausīšanas var kopīgi organizēt arī divas vai vairākas komitejas. Vairums komiteju organizē regulāras uzklausīšanas, jo tā var uzklausīt ekspertu viedokli un apspriest svarīgākos jautājumus. Šajā lappusē var atrast visu informāciju, kas pieejama par komiteju rīkotajām uzklausīšanām, tostarp programmas, plakātus un runātāju iesūtītos materiālus.


Seminārus rīko dažādu politikas jomu departamenti, un to administratīvā pārvaldība notiek saskaņā ar Finanšu regulu. Tie var nebūt atklāti un var notikt komitejas sanāksmes laikā.

Semināru laikā deputāti var uzdot jautājumus ekspertiem un ar viņiem kopā apspriest tēmas, kas saistītas ar Parlamenta darbu, vai vispārējas intereses jautājumus.

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