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The Common Fisheries Policy: origins and development

Skedi Informattivi dwar l-UE 01-09-2017

A Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) was first formulated in the Treaty of Rome. Initially linked to the Common Agricultural Policy, over time it has gradually become more independent. The primary goal of the CFP, as revised in 2002, is to ensure sustainable fisheries and guarantee incomes and stable jobs for fishermen. Several changes to the fisheries policy were introduced in the Treaty of Lisbon. In 2013 the Council and Parliament reached agreement on a new CFP, for the long-term environmental, economic ...

Fisheries control and enforcement

Skedi Informattivi dwar l-UE 01-09-2017

Fisheries control and enforcement aims to ensure the correct application of regulations regarding fisheries and to impose compliance with these rules where necessary. In this respect, competences and responsibilities are shared among Member States, the Commission and the operators. Member States which do not comply with these rules can have infringement proceedings taken out against them.

L-Organizzazzjoni Komuni tas-Suq (OKS) fil-prodotti tas-sajd u tal-akkwakultura kienet l-ewwel komponent tal-Politika Komuni tas-Sajd (PKS). Fid-dawl tal-kriżi reċenti fis-settur tas-sajd, il-kamp ta' applikazzjoni tagħha deher limitat, minħabba n-natura tal-mekkaniżmi ta' intervent tagħha u l-finanzjament skars li ġie allokat għaliha, żewġ fatturi li wasslu għal riforma komprensiva li stabbiliet il-bażi l-ġdida għall-OKS u l-PKS kollha mill-2014. L-OKS riveduta ttejjeb is-sorveljanza tas-suq u s-sikurezza ...

Ir-relazzjonijiet internazzjonali tas-sajd

Skedi Informattivi dwar l-UE 01-09-2017

Bil-għan li jiġu promossi oqfsa ta' governanza ġuridika, ambjentali, ekonomika u soċjali għas-sajd sostenibbli, u bil-għan li jinkiseb aċċess għaż-żoni ewlenin tas-sajd tad-dinja jew li jiġu promossi skemi ta' monitoraġġ, kontroll u sorveljanza sabiex tiġġieled lis-sajd illegali, l-Unjoni Ewropea kkonkludiet aktar minn 20 ftehim internazzjonali dwar is-sajd. L-Unjoni Ewropea tikkonkludi ftehimiet bilaterali bħalma huma ftehimiet ta' sħubija dwar is-sajd sostenibbli, jew inkella ftehimiet multilaterali ...

Iċ-ċifri tas-sajd Ewropew

Skedi Informattivi dwar l-UE 01-09-2017

It-tabelli ta' hawn taħt juru data statistika bażika f'għadd ta' oqsma relatati mal-Politika Komuni tas-Sajd (PKS), jiġifieri: il-flotot tas-sajd tal-Istati Membri fl-2014 (Tabella I), is-itwazzjoni tal-impjiegi fis-setturi tas-sajd, l-akkwakultura u l-ipproċessar tal-ħut fl-2011 (Tabella II), il-bilanċ tal-provvista skont il-grupp ta' komoditajiet fl-2012 (Tabella III), il-konsum tal-prodotti tas-sajd u tal-akkwakultura fl-2012 (Tabella IV), l-allokazzjonijiet tar-riżorsi tal-Fond Ewropew għall-Affarijiet ...

The present note was requested by the Committee on Fisheries of the European Parliament for its Delegation to Japan (18-22 September 2017). The note provides a review of the main characteristics and specificities of Japan fisheries sector and related activities. It provides an overview of issues such as the legal and institutional framework, fisheries management, catches, the fishing fleet, fishing industry, trade, employment, the fish market and marine research.

No unanimous definition for Marine Recreational Fishing yet exists among European Member States. The following report recommends a common definition and a methodological approach to assess marine recreational fishing socio-economic and environmental impacts. These recommendations are based on the analyses of five representative examples in Europe on these issues. The methodology recommended by the authors is an economic impact assessment based on fishermen’s expenditures and catches, data collection ...

Close to a new plan to manage Baltic fisheries

Mad-Daqqa t''Għajn 20-06-2016

The European Commission has tabled a proposal for a multiannual management plan for stocks of cod, herring and sprat in the Baltic Sea and for the fisheries exploiting them. Multiannual plans are an essential tool for sustainable exploitation of fish stocks and for increased predictability over the long run for fishermen. The European Parliament is now due to vote on a compromise found, after 10 months of interinstitutional negotiations, with a view to a first reading agreement.

Fisheries technical measures

Briefing 06-06-2016

The main strengths of the IA are its use of wide-ranging and apparently sound information from the external studies, meetings and consultations, as well as the cogent presentation of the stakeholder views and the results of the public consultation throughout the report. The IA appears to be well-illustrated by examples; however, they do not always facilitate a better understanding of the current issues due to their sometimes inconsistent and rather confusing presentation. The analysis of the various ...

This is the reference document of the Workshop on "The discard ban and its impact on the Maximum Sustainable Yield objective on fisheries" of 16th June 2016, organised by the Committee on Fisheries (COMPECH) and the Policy Department B (PECH Research) of the European Parliament. It is structured in three parts: 1. The discard ban and its impact on the MSY objective-The North Sea. 2. The discard ban and its impact on the MSY objective-The Atlantic Ocean: The Bay of Biscay case. 3. The discard ...