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The European Ombudsman's activities in 2019

Mad-Daqqa t''Għajn 03-03-2021

At the first plenary session of March 2021, the European Parliament is set to discuss and adopt a resolution on the European Ombudsman's activities in the year 2019, based on the Ombudsman's annual report presented on 4 May 2020. The report covers the final year of Emily O'Reilly's first mandate as Ombudsman before her re election for a second term in late December 2019.

The European Commission is the executive body of the European Union. Under the Treaties, its tasks are to 'promote the general interest of the Union', without prejudice to individual Member States, to 'ensure the application of the Treaties' and adopted measures, and to 'execute the budget'. It also holds a virtual monopoly on the right of legislative initiative, alone proposing nearly all EU legislation to the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. The College of Commissioners is currently ...

This study analyses the role, organisational structure, tasks and financial and human resources of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER). ACER plays an important role in the development, integration and functioning of the electricity and gas systems and markets in the EU, and its responsibilities in these domains have since its establishment in 2011 substantially increased. Although its resources have also significantly grown, ACER is facing a structural budget shortage and had ...

This briefing provides an overview of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), its’ main features, mandate and accountability. It also includes the overview of recent review of the ESRB mission, mandate and organisation as part of the review of European System of Financial Supervision.

The European Ombudsman is a body established to ensure that maladministration in the EU institutions is addressed and where possible remedied. From the establishment of the European Ombudsman, personalities and the open-ended character of the notion of maladministration have been relevant in shaping the activity of the office. Maladministration is widely accepted to be a sphere of inappropriate behaviour of the administration that goes beyond simple illegality. The particularity of the Ombudsman ...

The European Ombudsman's activities in 2016

Mad-Daqqa t''Għajn 14-11-2017

In November 2017, the European Parliament is set to discuss and adopt a resolution on the European Ombudsman's activities in 2016, based on the Ombudsman's annual report presented on 16 May 2017. The report covers the activities of the Ombudsman in the areas of transparency in decision-making of EU institutions and bodies, and on the principle of good administration.

Il-Bank Ewropew tal-Investiment

Skedi Informattivi dwar l-UE 01-11-2017

Il-Bank Ewropew tal-Investiment (BEI) jippromwovi l-objettivi tal-Unjoni Ewropea billi jipprovdi finanzjament ta' proġetti fit-tul, garanziji u konsulenza. Huwa jappoġġa proġetti kemm fi ħdan l-UE u kemm lil hinn minnha. L-azzjonisti tiegħu huma l-Istati Membri tal-UE. Il-BEI huwa l-azzjonist maġġoritarju tal-Fond Ewropew tal-Investiment (FEI) u, flimkien ma' dan tal-aħħar, jifforma l-Grupp tal-BEI. Fi ħdan il-Pjan ta' Investiment għall-Ewropa propost mill-Kummissjoni, il-Grupp tal-BEI huwa parti ...

Il-Qorti tal-Awdituri

Skedi Informattivi dwar l-UE 01-10-2017

Il-Qorti Ewropea tal-Awdituri hija responsabbli għall-awditjar tal-finanzi tal-UE. Bħala l-awditur estern tal-UE, din tikkontribwixxi għat-titjib fl-immaniġġjar tal-finanzi tal-UE u taġixxi bħala l-gwardjan indipendenti tal-interessi finanzjarji taċ-ċittadini tal-Unjoni.

The Council of the European Union

Skedi Informattivi dwar l-UE 01-04-2017

Together with the European Parliament, the Council is the institution that adopts EU legislation through regulations and directives and prepares decisions and non-binding recommendations. In its areas of competence, it takes its decisions by a simple majority, a qualified majority or unanimously according to the legal basis of the act requiring its approval.

The European Commission

Skedi Informattivi dwar l-UE 01-04-2017

The Commission is the EU institution that has the monopoly on legislative initiative and important executive powers in policies such as competition and external trade. It is the principal executive body of the European Union and it is formed by a College of members composed of one Commissioner per Member State. It also chairs the committees responsible for the implementation of EU law. The former comitology system has been replaced by new legal instruments, namely implementing and delegated acts. ...