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Economic dialogue with Ireland 11 May 2022

Uitgebreide analyse 06-05-2022

This note presents selected information on the current status of the EU economic governance procedures and related relevant information in view of an Economic Dialogue with Pascal Donohoe, Minister of Finance of Ireland, in the ECON committee of the European Parliament. The invitation for a dialogue is in accordance with the EU economic governance framework.

This paper provides an overview of stakeholders’ activities at national, regional and local level, in relation to national Recovery and Resilience Plans (RRPs). The overview is based on two surveys, recently conducted. Furthermore, it presents the latest opinions and assessments by EU stakeholders and other relevant institutions and bodies on the implementation of these plans. This paper is a follow-up of previous EGOV publications on the involvement and views expressed by stakeholders in the context ...

Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis and Commissioner Gentiloni have been invited to the sixth Recovery and Resilience Dialogue under the Recovery and Resilience Facility Regulation. This briefing first presents a state of play of the Recovery and Resilience Plans, and looks the most recent data on four payment requests more recently submitted, the partial recalculation of grants’ allocation; the upcoming reporting on common indicators; the recent European Court of Justice rule of law decisions and ...

This paper provides a summary of recent economic, financial and budgetary decisions and developments following President Vladimir Putin’s decision of 24 February to start a military attack against Ukraine. It includes recent information relating to the EU sanctions regime, recent economic estimates, policies supporting economic and financial resilience, including the coordination of national economic and fiscal measures. It also highlights policy recommendations made in the public domain to mitigate ...

This briefing provides a summary of the recent economic developments in the EU Member States and gives an overview of relevant economic projections forecasted by major international and EU institutions

This briefing provides a summarised comparative analysis of three papers prepared by external experts at the request of the ECON Committee on the value added of a number of national Recovery and Resilience Plans. It further contains a summary of each of the three papers provided. Both the comparative analysis and the summaries are prepared under EGOV responsibility; assessing and evaluating the integral views of the authors require a read-through of the full papers.

Recovery and Resilience Plans - public documents

Uitgebreide analyse 27-04-2022

This document provides summarised and tabular information on the Recovery and Resilience Plans. It will be regularly updated.

This briefing paper describes and evaluates the law and economics of institution(al) protection schemes. Throughout our analysis, we use Europe’s largest such scheme, that of German savings banks, as paradigm. We find strengths and weaknesses: Strong network-internal monitoring and early warning seems to be an important contributor to IPS network success. Similarly, the geographical quasi-cartel encourages banks to build a strong client base, including SME, in all regions. Third, the growth of ...

This paper discusses the Institutional Protection Schemes of the German Savings Banks Finance Group and the National Association of Cooperative Banks. Both schemes have been recognised as Deposit Guarantee Schemes. Although both schemes never had to pay out to depositors, supervisors have expressed worries about several weaknesses of the IPS of the Savings Banks Finance Group, such as unclear responsibilities of the ‘owners’ and the IPS, complex decision-making processes, risk of insufficient pro-active ...

Based on Commission’s assessments of national Recovery and Resilience Plans, this paper outlines how 2019 and 2020 Country Specific Recommendations covering public administration, judicial system and business environment related issues are being addressed in national plans. The paper will be updated once new relevant information is available.