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Algorithms, are step-by-step procedure for solving a problem, usually expressed in computer code as a set of instructions for a computer to follow in order to complete a task. Day-to-day decisions around the world are increasingly based on data science techniques powered by machine learning algorithms that are gradually making a meaningful impact on human lives. For example, the operation of intermediary platforms that propose accommodation (AirBnB) or transportation alternatives (Uber) are extensively ...

Cloud computing is a model for providing information and communication technology (ICT) services over the internet. Businesses, public bodies and individuals can all benefit through lower costs, global access to data and applications, flexibility in provision, and the ability to innovate without large capital costs. Cloud computing may also have beneficial effects on energy consumption and carbon emissions. However, cloud computing raises concerns about personal data protection and privacy, security ...

Action programmes for taxation and customs

Kort overzicht 14-11-2013

The European Commission (EC) proposes two programmes to enhance cooperation between tax and customs authorities and fund the required IT systems in the 2014-20 period.