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While the Eurosystem has considerably improved its operational transparency in the last few years, it is still lagging the Federal Reserve System (Fed), especially in terms of the information it provides on operating costs and staff numbers, for which it provides very scarce data. In addition, the available information is scattered throughout different publications, rather than being presented in a user-friendly fashion. Compared to the Fed, the Eurosystem seems to have higher staff numbers and operational ...

Around 250 European airports handle less than 5 million passengers per annum - a good one third of them less than 200,000. This analysis shows that all are affected by the changing structure of the airline industry, and that most of them are losing money. It also shows, however, that these similarities shall not mask the diversity of experience and circumstances, and the very different roles played by these airports.

The present study assesses the impact of the costs crisis of 2007 and 2008. The analysis is made for beef, pig, poultry and sheep livestock farming. Costs and incomes are compared for a panel of typical farms in 6 EU countries. Strengths and weaknesses of main meat farming systems are highlighted. Sensitivity of each system is tested against different 2014 scenarios. Finally, recommendations are made about possible actions.