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Covered bonds are debt securities issued by credit institutions and secured by a pool of mortgage loans or credit towards the public sector. They are characterised further by the double protection offered to bondholders, the segregation of assets in their cover pool, over-collateralisation, and their strict supervisory frameworks. Currently, their issuance is concentrated in five Member States. National regulatory regimes vary widely in terms of supervision and composition of the cover pool. Lastly ...

Komisja zaproponowała dyrektywę i rozporządzenie, których celem jest stworzenie jednolitych europejskich ram dla obligacji zabezpieczonych. W kwietniu Parlament ma głosować nad tekstami uzgodnionymi w negocjacjach międzyinstytucjonalnych.

A framework for EU covered bonds

Briefing 18-05-2018

The Commission proposed a legislative framework for covered bonds. The supporting impact assessment (IA) provided a coherent problem analysis and the corresponding set of objectives. The impacts analysis focused mainly on the costs and benefits of enhancing the Capital Markets Union potential. However, the IA did not assess the options in terms of their proportionality and did not check the subsidiarity or proportionality of the regulatory options.

A new Directive on credit agreements relating to residential property aims to facilitate cross-border lending, protect consumers, and prevent irresponsible lending.