Coronavirus: From lock-down to de-confinement, and beyond [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Briefing 06-05-2020

A number of European countries have now started, or will soon start, relaxing the lock-downs put in place to slow the spread of the lethal coronavirus. The goal is to begin the process of reviving their economies, which have been hit very hard by the crisis, without prompting a further upsurge in the pandemic. While still assessing the immediate impacts of the crisis and actively examining various ‘exit strategies’, analysts are also shifting their focus towards identifying the medium- and long-term legacy of the crisis, the likely shape of the ‘world after coronavirus’, and the best policies for the future. This note offers links to recent commentaries and reports from international think tanks on coronavirus and related issues. Earlier publications on the topic can be found in the previous edition in this series, published by EPRS on 28 April.