EU security, defence and foreign policies [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Briefing 23-02-2023

Russia's war on Ukraine has been redefining the European Union's security, defence and foreign policies, changing its priorities on the continent and globally. The biggest military conflict on European soil since World War II has shone a spotlight on territorial defence and the shifting international order. Before the brutal conflict erupted a year ago, security and defence policy had focused mainly on conflict prevention and the strengthening of international security in general. The main foreign policy objectives had included the preservation of peace, strengthening international security and promoting international cooperation. The war has highlighted the importance of NATO and transatlantic relations for European security, despite efforts to bolster the EU's 'strategic autonomy'. The conflict has solidified EU solidarity in foreign and security policy, but also brought to light certain divisions among Member States. This note gathers links to recent publications and commentaries from many international think tanks on European defence, security and foreign policies. It includes only the most recent papers related to Ukraine. Earlier reports on Russia's war on Ukraine can be found in the previous item in the 'What think tanks are thinking' series.