How are we coping with the pandemic? Mental health and resilience amid the Covid-19 pandemic in the EU

Estudo 16-03-2022

This report reviews the existing scientific evidence regarding the mental health of different population groups amid the Covid 19 pandemic in the European Union (EU) and its influential factors. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been extensive research on the psychosocial and mental health consequences, showing negative effects especially in the general population compared to before. On the other hand, there is also evidence of resilient responses as the pandemic progressed – that is, the maintenance or recovery of mental health. However, these findings are limited to the first wave or shortly thereafter. No reliable conclusions regarding the mental health impact of Covid 19 policy responses – containment and support measures – are possible. Several risk factors were identified, with a need for more research on protective factors. Finally, the study outlines a set of relevant policy options to address the mental health challenges during the Covid 19 pandemic and similar future situations.