31-01-2022 16:30
EPRS roundtable: President Biden’s second year: What US politics will bring in 2022?

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A series of leading think tankers from both sides of the Atlantic will address these and other questions in this second EPRS policy roundtable of the year.

President Joseph Biden's first year as US President was marked by some important legislative successes - notably passage of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan and the $1.0 trillion Infrastructure Investment Act - but also by a major confidence-shaking, foreign-policy crisis, in America's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. The President's Build Back Better Bill is currently stalled in Congress, where divisions among Democrats - who enjoy the narrowest possible advantage in the Senate and only an eight-seat majority in the House of Representatives - seem to be becoming increasingly intractable. The US economy shows mixed signals, with low unemployment (3.9 per cent) partly offset by sluggish labour-force participation, and inflation rising to its highest rate (7.0 per cent) since the 1970s.