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Publicado em 04-03-2024

O desporto – fortemente associado à masculinidade – é uma das instituições sociais mais desiguais em termos de género da sociedade moderna e tem sido tradicionalmente domi¬nado pelos homens, tanto em termos de participação como de governação. As mulheres foram excluídas dos primeiros Jogos Olímpicos modernos, realizados em Atenas em 1896, e só puderam começar gradualmente a participar quatro anos mais tarde. Embora a presença e a participação das mulheres no Movimento Olímpico tenham evoluído progressivamente ...

The European automotive industry is striving to adapt to market changes driven by the dual green and digital transition. Electrification has become the main strategy for reducing CO2 emissions, especially in urban traffic. At the same time, the average size and weight of cars have greatly increased. Big electric cars are the trend, but are they really the solution? Could better planning and optimisation of resources help?

This study analyses the vulnerabilities of the EU food system regarding inputs, describing the tools to secure those inputs and make the EU less dependent on foreign suppliers. It provides recommendations for appropriate measures to increase the EU food system’s resilience to disruptions in trade flows and price increases of imported inputs.

Renewable energy in the EU

Em síntese 04-03-2024

Due to the recent energy crisis, there is a growing focus on renewable energy sources within the European Union (EU) as a possible solution to challenges such as energy security and high prices. The 2023 Renewable Energy Directive (RED) requires the EU to achieve a 42.5 % share of renewable energy sources (RES) in gross final energy consumption by 2030. As of 2022, the EU has reached a 23 % share of renewables in its energy consumption. In analysing the EU’s energy landscape, it is crucial to note ...

Defence planning (including capability development planning) is the process of establishing the military forces and equipment that a state or alliance determines are required to meet its objectives or to counteract threats. There are three major capability development processes within the European Union: each Member State's national planning; the NATO defence planning process, where applicable; and the EU's planning, which has evolved gradually since the 1999 Helsinki European Council meeting and ...

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EPRS  event of 5 March
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This event will be held fully online on EP Webex. To attend it live, no need to register, just click the below link when the time has come. You will have the possibility to ask questions via the webex chat.

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On Thursday, 7 March 2024, to celebrate International Women's Day 2024, the FEMM Committee, in collaboration with the National Parliaments, will organise an inter-parliamentary committee (ICM) meeting on the topic "Women in Sport".

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What is the EU doing on equal pay for equal work between men and women?

You are invited to come in the EP new Info Hub - left to the European Parliament' main entrance (Esplanade Solidarność in Brussels) - to have a conversation with Marie Lecerf, policy expert in the European Parliament Research Service, to learn more on what is the EU doing on this subject.

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