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This paper analyses the digital pillar of the national RRPs to identify the key initiatives, examine the distribution of resources, assess the current state of implementation and define the main challenges in reaching the overall objectives.

Brexit Adjustment Reserve

Briefing 09-11-2021

As part of the preparations for the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, the European Council agreed in July 2020 to create a Brexit adjustment reserve within the special instruments outside the budget ceilings of the European Union's multiannual financial framework, with a budget of €5 billion to counter unforeseen and adverse consequences in Member States and sectors that are most affected. The Commission adopted a proposal for a regulation on the Brexit adjustment reserve on 25 ...

Brexit Adjustment Reserve

Em síntese 08-09-2021

With the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU customs union and single market creating new obstacles to trade, mobility and exchanges with the UK, affecting many businesses across the EU, the Brexit Adjustment Reserve aims to provide Member States with financial support to cover costs incurred in connection with Brexit. Parliament is due to vote at first reading during its September 2021 plenary session on the text agreed during interinstitutional negotiations.

The United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union has had a significant impact on several sectors, including EU fisheries, which face a 25 % reduction of their catch value in UK waters. To mitigate the short-term impact on the worst affected countries and sectors, the Commission proposed a €5 billion fund, the Brexit adjustment reserve. In a political agreement on the proposal, now to be formally confirmed by both, the co legislators included Parliament’s proposal to earmark a minimum level ...

This is the second paper written by Policy Department B for the EP Working Group on Common Agricultural Policy Reform. The purpose of this document is to facilitate the legislative work of the MEPs relating to the next reform of the CAP. Based on a specific reference made in the Commission’s Communication of 18 November 2010, this paper focuses on some possible scenarios for limiting the gains and losses of Member States as part of the reallocation of the budget for direct payments. These scenarios ...

Futuros Alargamentos à Luz da Política de Coesão

Análise aprofundada 01-11-2006

Nota com a análise dos actuais dados estatísticos, solicitada para o relatório de iniciativa intitulado "As consequências dos futuros alargamentos para a eficácia da política de coesão". A presente nota contém projecções teóricas sobre questões como a afectação de fundos a cada um dos candidatos potenciais à adesão e os efeitos estatísticos sobre o PIB per capita dos Estados-Membros da UE.